EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Josh Melton Releases Latest Single ‘Cutting Grass’ Just In Time For Spring

There’s no doubt singer/songwriter Josh Melton knows how to write a damn good love song. He’s given us quite a few over the last year or two, many of which were inspired by his wife Alivia, who is pregnant with the couple’s second son due next month. Let’s be honest, we all love a good slow song that puts you in your feels, but we also love a feel-good, easy-going song that makes you want to put on your shades and crack a cold one. With spring right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to drop “Cutting Grass.”

For Melton, the song is about more than just mowing the lawn. “With everything crazy going on in the world, I feel like we all have that time we take or that thing we do when we just shut everything out and forget about all the hustle and bustle of life. I know I need those moments and cherish the down time I get. Even if sometimes that’s just an hour or two outside cutting the grass.”

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb

Melton collaborated with two fellow writers, Aby Gutierrez (“Long Live Cowgirls” – Ian Munsick / Cody Johnson) and Adam James, while working with Justin Ebach on production. Melton is no stranger to working with Ebach since signing his first publishing deal with Ebach Entertainment and UMPG back in April of 2020. Ebach has produced a number of tracks since the deal in addition to being a co-writer.

While Melton didn’t always know music was the path he was going to end up on, now that he’s here he is giving it everything he has. He paid his dues like so many others in the industry, grinding on Broadway and singing his originals for anyone willing to listen. One thing led to another, and he was playing bigger rounds at bigger venues and joining bigger artists on the road, from Florida to his home state of Ohio and everywhere in between.

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb

Melton continues to write in between studio time and gigs. He also let us know he has a few more songs lined up and ready to go very soon. As exciting as it is to put out your own music as an artist, Melton is also excited about an upcoming release from Dylan Scott that he wrote, coming out in March.

Be sure to follow Josh Melton on all social platforms to keep up with song announcements and tour dates. In the meantime, get ready for spring and check out the link below to hear Melton’s new single “Cutting Grass.”


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