EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Hunter Jordan Releases Chilling New Single ‘GHOST’


Life is all about going places, finding inspiration, and making memories, but in the process time passes by, making all of the moments a thing of the past. While the moments and people we meet along the way may leave us in the physical sense, the memories come alive in the smell of a familiar bourbon, watching the early-morning sun coming up on the water, or the sound of the needle scratching your favorite vinyl. All of these things, these moments, these people we love and lose, they become our ghosts.

For Jackson, TN native Hunter Jordan, he did as any songwriter would do; he turned the concept into a song. Often times an idea is brought into a writers’ room with a specific intent on where a song is going to go, and other times an idea comes up in conversation and the song writes itself. With the help of Dillon Keith and industry veteran Erik Dylan, Jordan’s new single “Ghost” was brought to life.

“Dillon, Erik and I were talking about music heroes and how over time the places and faces you see around Nashville seem to change. Erik talked about his memories with Guy Clark and Steve Earle among others and how old hangouts were now replaced with new businesses, apartment buildings, etc. Erik said that with everything changing over the years, ‘where do you find your ghosts?’ I dwelled on that question as Erik and Dillon continued talking. When it came time to decide what we were going to write on that day I knew that Erik had already made it pretty clear what we should write. He asked what I was talking about and I said, ‘where do you go to find your ghosts?’ That’s real for people.”

The track is simple and not overly produced, allowing Jordan’s raspy vocals to demand the attention of the listener. “Ghost” is easy on the ears yet powerful in the message – something that can be said whenever Erik Dylan is involved. While the message alone makes for a memorable song, the way the three can take lyrics and make you see, hear, and even smell what they are saying is even more captivating.

Is it a number on a mailbox
The hum of a cotton gin
Is it a hometown when you’re leaving
Or a cold front coming in
Is it the smell of JB weld and cigarette smoke
Where do you find your ghosts

“Ghost” is the first of 4 singles to be released in early 2022 for Jordan with a debut EP also in the works. Jordan has been working hard to get this project ready since moving to Nashville in March of 2021. This wasn’t always part of the plan but with a little encouragement from a friend known as “Moon,” he jumped all in and hasn’t looked back. Admittedly, the move has opened so many doors and provided countless opportunities that he never would have had at home, like getting in a writing room with one of Nashville’s finest, Erik Dylan, who told us, “I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to tell an old story. I love how this one turned out and hope it hits home for the listener.”

Here at Raised Rowdy, we are excited for Jordan and can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next. Be sure to follow him on all social platforms to keep up with new music and tour announcements. In the meantime, check out the link below and be the first to hear “Ghost.”


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