Long-time Raised Rowdy favorite and supporting artist, Josh Kiser, is premiering his new single “Whiskey Wins” with us today, January 6th, before it comes out everywhere on Friday, January 7th. Sitting down with Kiser, we asked him what sets “Whiskey Wins” apart from some of his previous songs. “‘Whiskey Wins’ feels like the first time that I was able to be honest and vulnerable in my songwriting, and it felt good to get it off my chest. We don’t get to choose what life throws at us, but we do get to choose how we react and recover from it. Sometimes you get in the room and write songs that are meant for the radio, and sometimes you write songs that are meant for the soul. As I’m working on being a better me this year, I can only hope everyone who needs to hear this song takes a chance to listen.”

Photo provided by Josh’s Team

“Whiskey Wins” was written by Josh Kiser, Trent Fisher and Greg McCollum. This one has more of a personal feel to it, and you definitely got those vibes if you follow Kiser on TikTok, @kiserkountry, where he has been previewing the song for the past week.

This song really gives a sentimental, sultry vibe and you can hear it throughout the chorus.

Heaven hears every cry

Catches every tear from your eyes

You don’t have to fight alone

Do your best to forgive but know in the end

We all lose when the whiskey wins

Keep an eye out for big things coming up from Josh Kiser! You already know we’re tuned in.

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-Taylor Morrison/Raised Rowdy Contributor

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