Austin Meade Channels His ‘Loser Mentality’ in New Single

Christmas came early this year for fans of Texas rocker Austin Meade. “Loser Mentality” dropped recently, giving us a preview of what’s going to come from Meade and his band, but what is also spotlighted was the rock ‘n’ roll edge we can expect once again in his upcoming work. Meade’s last album, Black Sheep, proved that he can rock with the best of ‘em and it’s safe to say that we can expect him doubling down after hearing this new release.

With each release, Meade’s songwriting and creative direction matures and makes him stand out amongst his peers. “Loser Mentality” is a retrospective look back into his past of never quite being good enough but being content with it in the end – something we can all relate to. Much like the lyrics state, this tune brings you back to the 90s. The melody, the lyrics, and the riffs hit a nostalgic bone effortlessly while still sounding fresh and new. The harmonies, and especially the production itself, are noteworthy and very impressive as well.

If you aren’t on the Austin Meade train yet, hop on. Listen to “Loser Mentality” and make sure to support him by following the links below.






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