Meet Nashville’s Own Rockers, True Villains

Those of you who have been to Nashville know just why it is called “Music City”. Aside from the history and atmosphere, every single night brings band after band to bars and venues around the city, and anyone familiar with the bar scene in that area knows True Villains.

Guitarist Tim Venerosa, bassist Barry Conaway, drummer Matt Carter, keyboardist Greg Herndon, and vocalist Beau Lastavich all found each other in Nashville. Influenced by Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Foo Fighters, and Michael Jackson, True Villains bring a razor sharp edge to their sound with raw riffs, soaring vocals, and hooks that stay with you.

Photo from True Villains on Instagram.

When asked about the success so far from their first four singles, the band seemed very content.

”We did these four singles with Nick Raskelunicz and we’ve managed to get almost all of them play-listed as an independent band,” explains True Villains. “We have had great feedback on all the tracks.”

Living in Nashville, it’s pretty easy to draw the conclusion that opportunities for exposure along the strips must come at a band quite often. True Villains agree that Music City is a big help to them.

“Pre-Covid there was always the opportunity to play shows. Even on week nights we could pull a great crowd,” states the band.

Currently working on demos and grinding in the studio as well as in Nashville clubs, True Villains are a band you need to see. Make sure to follow them and check out their debut single, “The Villain,” below!






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