Brandy Neelly’s New Single ‘S.O.B.’

Louisville, Kentucky native Brandy Neelly recently released her latest single “S.O.B.” on 1 October. It is the perfect break up anthem for you to play over and over again while you get over your ex. Play it while you get ready for a night out with your friends, sing it loud in the shower, or turn it up in your car – this song is so catchy and has such a fun message that you’ll quickly find yourself playing it on repeat.

You may remember Brandy Neelly as one of the lucky Top 15 contestants on the hit television show American Idol. She is now a country/pop singer based in Nashville. Since moving to Nashville four years ago, Brandy has been constantly song writing and working on her craft, and you can clearly hear her talent in “S.O.B.” Her sound is very modern country pop, and this song in particular has a real feel-good vibe to it, even though it is a breakup song. The song opens with lyrics “I never wanted to block your number and drink a whole bottle of wine. I never wanted to ask about you and a friend of mine” and instantly sets the breakup tone.

Upon the release of the song, Brandy said on Instagram “Spilt all the tea in this last single- S.O.B thank you to my producer @chrissligh for capturing all the attitude in this song along with a songwriting credit with myself & @bakergrissom! Y’all go stream it and break up with that guy that’s making you crazy 😝”

The songwriters clearly make a great team, as they really capture that glow up feeling you get when you’re finally done with your ex, both musically and lyrically. Brandy says “I wrote the song with my producer Chris Sligh and Baker Grissom. The song came really quickly and we shared many laughs writing it.” It’s clear there’s humour throughout the song with sassy lyrics such as “You’d think by now that I’d know better, and I won’t blame your mama ‘cause she’d be ashamed to see, yeah, what you do to me, your love’s been a real S.O.B.” If you love Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert (and who doesn’t) you’re going to love Brandy Neelly.

When asked what the inspiration behind Brandy’s latest single, she says “I loved this idea of a post break up anthem. This is the song you play to get over your ex that doesn’t deserve your attention anymore. Sometimes love can make you do crazy things you never thought you would do. I’ve been that girl and It feels so good when you’re finally on the other side of it.”

So, what can we expect from Brandy in the near future? Brandy says “My producer Chris Sligh and I have been working on a lot of material for this upcoming year! We have plans for more singles and an album titled ‘I Know Where You Live’ – all the music will, as always, speak to the strong-willed women, who believe in love and also burn your house down at the same time.” It sure will be an album to look forward to.


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