Exclusive Video Premiere: Sadie Campbell Drops Extended Video For Her Latest Project ‘Darkroom’

Canadian-born Sadie Campbell just released what I think is one of the cooler projects of the entire year. On August 27th, Campbell released her three-track EP Darkroom about her struggle with mental health back in 2020. Each song uniquely represents the different stages of Campbell’s struggle. This is a little different of a project than Campbell is used to. She put aside her country-rock sound for a “deeper, darker side” that she has embraced. It may be a different style than her previous releases, but her raw and powerful voice shines in this project.

The EP does a phenomenal job of capturing the emotions of Campbell’s journey from beginning to end. The first track, “Fade,” describes both her initial descent and realization of her new battle while “Aftermath” and “Euphoria” cover the monotony of the limbo phase and the ascent back to the light. These songs coincide so well together because Campbell was originally set on making this project one long extended track. While she ultimately decided to separate them into three tracks, Campbell is premiering one long extended music video for all three songs. This twelve-minute video takes us on a stripped-down but extremely powerful journey. When discussing the extended video, Campbell says, “Depression and anxiety can feel like a nightmare, where you’re stuck in a dungeon you can’t escape from. I really wanted the video for Darkroom to symbolize the journey I had, wrestling through my demons to eventually find the light again.”

Photos by Sara Miller


This is such a unique project that I think many of us can relate to. This video encompasses the sounds and emotions that we all felt at one time or another during this backward and unprecedented year. With a small budget but a few great friends, Campbell states that she “Couldn’t have done it without Sara Miller, Keenan Keaton, and Katie Mulroney behind the camera, and the wonderful edit by Marco Pazzano.”


Watch the Exclusive Video Premiere below!

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