Read Southall Band Releases ‘Rose Gold’

There is a ton of excitement building around Read Southall Band at the moment. Their last three releases include some heaters: “Stickin’ n Movin’,” “Where We Belong,” and “DLTGYD,” but their newest track, dropped on September 17th, is possibly the strongest one yet. “Rose Gold” is, without a doubt, an impressive standout among their recent ( andalso killer) material.

Aside from the songwriting, the musicianship is put to work here. The smooth, airy riffing really sets the tone for the song, and the bass line is put in the forefront throughout the verse, which is sonically pleasing. With all that, the unique drumming pattern is the icing on the cake. We cannot forget the powerful chorus. Along with the excellent harmonization, Southall more than delivers during the chorus, which you can tell he puts raw emotion and power into.

Do yourself a favor and check out RSB’s newest release below!


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