Trent Fletcher Releases Debut Album, ‘Nonessential’

Trent Fletcher, an up-and-coming Red Dirt artist around the Stillwater scene, has released his debut album Nonessential. After putting out multiple singles from the album including songs such as “Suspicious,” “If You Don’t” and “Don’t Drink the Whiskey,” Fletcher dropped the album on August 13th, and boy is it a strong compilation of work.

If you are at all familiar with the older rock-centered Red Dirt acts like Cross Canadian Ragweed, this album will have a very familiar sound while maintaining its freshness and enough variety to keep you listening. Some highlights from the track list include the boot-scootin’ “Kicking Myself,” riff-heavy “Ballad of Bill Dalton” and a live rendition of Fletcher’s 2019 song, “Be My Heartache.”

Give Trent Fletcher’s new album, Nonessential, a listen and make sure to follow and support his upcoming work!



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