Read Southall Band Releases New Single, ‘DLTGYD’, and Announce New Record

On August 27th, Read Southall Band dropped their new single “DLTGYD,” which translates to “Don’t Let Them Get You Down”. Much like their cohorts in their own sub-genre, including Koe Wetzel and Austin Meade, RSB is evolving into a more rock-based sound, which they pull off flawlessly. “DLTGYD” notably has heavier and bluesy riffing, along with Read Southall showing out with his strong vocal performance.

Photo from Steven “Scoob” Contreras (@scubashots) on Instagram

With the release of their single, RSB also announced their upcoming record For the Birds. Fans have been waiting a long time for a new album, their last one being 2018’s Live at Tower Theatre. The announcement read as follows on Read Southall Band’s Instagram page:

”We are elated to announce the arrival of our new record, ‘For the Birds’. We cannot express what it means to us to release these songs out into the universe, and we hope they find a warm place to live in your ears.”

The album drops October 22nd.

In the meantime, check out Read Southall Band’s new single, “DLTGYD,” below!

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