Southern Rock Up-and-Comers The Delta Sons Release New Single ‘Love You Left Behind’

With each release, The Delta Sons are forming their own identity as a strong up-and-coming Southern Rock band. Their third single, “Love You Left Behind,” dropped on August 23rd. Compared to their previous releases, this tune offers a more somber sound with all of the musical elements that have become unique to the band’s sound.

Sonically, Zack Mutual’s vocals are almost haunting while maintaining the gritty characteristic that he has consistently kept going since they released their debut single “Home.” Another notable part of the song is the bluesy guitar solo that closed out the ending chorus. All around, “Love You Left Behind” is a solid piece of work and is proof that The Delta Sons are the real deal. Keep an eye on these guys.

Check out The Delta Sons and their newest single, “Love You Left Behind,” below!



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