Introducing F. Scott and the Nighthawks and their Unique Sound

If you consider yourself someone who likes to dig below the surface of the same old radio hits or unoriginal playlists on streaming platforms, a great strategy would be seeking out something new and unique. The soulful, rockin’ F. Scott and the Nighthawks fall right into that wheelhouse. Consisting of F. Scott on lead vocals and guitar, Jerek “Jerry” Hardy and Justin Clarke on guitar and backing vocals, Scotty B. Goode on guitar and lap steel, Tyson Hiseler on bass and Benny “The Bearcat” Arseneau, the band is chock full of talent and quality music.

Officially forming in 2015, B. Goode and F. Scott eventually started to lay down original material.

“When this thing started it was a weekly jam that kept becoming more and more fun and eventually it turned into this focused machine. We love a good cover and do our best to include them when and where they feel right,” F. Scott explains. “We actually have a couple that have become standards. That said, right out of the gates this thing has always been about songwriting and our original jams. Our band really is the sum of its parts and the stories we all carry.”
Image from F. Scott and the Nighthawks on Instagram
Hearing the music by this group, you can only assume that their influences fall on a broad spectrum… and you would be right. The Nighthawks included acts such as Waylon, Willie, Whiskey Myers, The Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Springsteen and Cody Jinks. Considering that wide range, you have to wonder where The Nighthawks would place themselves when it comes to genre.
”We’re a rock ‘n’ roll band. Call it what you want. I say Americana, but maybe we’re best described as Canadiana. Honestly, we really dig it all,” states F. Scott.
When asked what the creative process was for the group, F. Scott put it very simply.
“Waking up… living. Honestly, I’m a live wire and all mixed up between sensitive and strong, up and down. I’ve come to realize it’s embracing all that and doing my best to walk the line while always keeping the creative light on,” F. Scott points out. “Everything inspires me and I don’t know when or where it’s coming but I stay open to it. A good song, maybe a phrase I overhear or read, a sign…who knows. I make a lot of notes throughout the day.”
Image from F. Scott and the Nighthawks on Instagram
F. Scott and the Nighthawks released their debut album, Hold On To Your Heart, on August 13th. Check it out, below!

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From The Nighthawks:
If you can please support Jeff Saenz Recovery Project. Our very good friend, producer, musician, family man and studio partner (MODERN ELECTRIC SOUND RECORDERS) Mr. Jeff was injured in a tragic electrical accident – via our bandcamp we’ve released an EP of F. Scott tracks from the vault recorded with Mr. Jeff Saenz. All proceeds of this EP will be donated to the Jeff Saenz Recovery Project. We’ll also donate 1 dollar from the purchase of ‘HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART’ + match it – so 2 dollars from the purchase of HOTYH will be donated to Jeff Saenz Recovery Project for the rest of the year.

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