Raised Rowdy Premiere: Ray Scott’s ‘Cold Day in Hell’ Music Video

In an ever-changing country music landscape, with so many takes on production and people telling you what you should or should not be listening to, the world (specifically the country music world) can seem like a noisy place. There are plenty of ways to cut through that noise, but the best way we have found is to listen to someone or something that really makes your heart feel something – a song that you don’t just hear, but that lives inside of your soul.  Maybe that kind of music doesn’t come around as often as it used to, but when it does, it cuts through all the BS. It drops all the bells and whistles and it does what country music should – makes you REALLY feel something.

It only took one listen to Ray Scott’s new track “Cold Day in Hell” to know that we heard something special. A solo write for Ray, this song takes you on an emotional journey. Ray told us “This song is about the devastation of seeing the bitter end rear its ugly head. It’s about the inevitable task of moving on once the heart has reached the point of no return.”

What Ray does better than most is speak clearly and directly about real life and the pains that come from it.  Life is a series of peaks and valleys, and any person that is worth your time will tell you that it’s not about the highest highs and how long those last. It’s about when you’re heading down that low, low mountain trail; just how fast do you start back up that next peak of life?

The video is simple. It shows visuals that represent the song with a canvas-style video showing both love and the darkness that can come from it: the empty bed, and the acts that made it empty.  This is true blue country music, with Ray’s distinct voice expressing all the emotion, pain, and angst that come from a hard ending to a relationship.

Sad country songs really do hit differently.  They heal. They give closure. They are rooted in what ends up being so real for so many, and there are not many country singers (new or old) that do that better than Ray Scott.

So give this video a watch and make sure you follow Ray and his music.  This album is some of his finest work to date. Ray just seems to keep getting better and better, and we are so thankful for a songwriter and voice like his helping us through on this road called life.

“Cold Day in Hell” is currently available as part of the most recent digital 45 released by Ray featuring “Slow Dance” and “Cold Day in Hell.” The full album, titled Cover The Earth, will be released on September 17th. He has another digital 45 being released Friday 8/13 featuring two more new tracks “Valley Like This” and “Old Ways”.

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