Jeremee Knipp Releases New Single ‘Not Today’

It’s always interesting to see solo work from individual members of happening bands, and in this case, Read Southall Band’s own Jeremee Knipp is dropping some jewels. Knipp released “Draft Cards” earlier this year as a debut single, then on July 30th released his newest tune, “Not Today”.

“Not Today” shows off Knipp’s already mature songwriting and is sonically very traditional. You could almost say it is reminiscent of folk or classic country. The terms “traditional” and “classic” should not be confused with “cliché”, however, because Knipp brings a freshness that more artists should take note of in the Red Dirt scene, where we frequently see the opposite.

”The song is about a friend of mine that I grew up with,” Knipp explains, “we grew up in a rural town smack-dab in the middle of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The dream for most of us was to get out, go live in the city and do our own thing. She got out and it wasn’t all she bargained for, you know? She ended up meeting some guy who was terrible to her and never came back home.”

Knipp also wants to credit the guys who helped him make the song possible, which include co-producers Dwight Hamlin and Ben McKenzie (Hamlin also played lead guitar with McKenzie on acoustic guitar and harmonies), Caleb Shirtum on bass, Braxton Curliss on piano and keyboard and Walton McCurry on drums.

Check out Jeremee Knipp’s newest single, “Not Today”, below!

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