EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Baker Grissom’s ‘How Many Hangovers’

They weren’t lying when they said that hangovers hurt worse as you get older. Do you ever wonder how many hangovers it will take to get over your ex?

We’ve all been there, and Baker is telling this all too familiar story in his new single “How Many Hangovers.” “No amount of coffee or Tylenol can drown out the hurt from the alcohol.” No matter how much we chug Pedialyte and blue Powerade, that hangover still seems to find us. What is the first thing we do after a breakup? We hit an ole barstool with our friends and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a little self-pity party.

In this song, Baker takes us through the process of what mostly all of us do in order to get over our ex. “Looking at her, thinking of you.” For some reason we all think that alcohol and someone new will magically help us move on. Although it never does, we seem to never learn our lesson. Baker told us, “Change is hard. When you’re stuck beating yourself up about something you can’t bring back, even when you know moving on would be best for everyone, it doesn’t really make it suck less in the moment. Whether it’s a person, place, or situation…If you’ve ever missed anyone or anything, you’ll know the feeling I’m talking about.” Baker wrote “How Many Hangovers” with Jody Stevens and Jenn Schott.

An Arkansas native, Baker signed with RED Creative in 2019 and has been knocking it out of the park since then. Since signing at RED, Baker has collaborated with songwriting greats such as Casey Beathard, Mark Irwin, Cole Taylor, Big Al Anderson, and Wynn Varble. It’s no wonder where Baker comes up with his writing punches from. You may have also recognized Baker from being out on the road with Jon Langston. Baker has definitely driven every lane in his seven years in Nashville and we’re looking forward to the direction he’s headed.

Photograph by Annelise Loughead

Baker released his debut five-song EP Saturday & Sunday in 2019, and has released five more singles since then. Baker has most recently blown us away with his single “Bad News.” We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for Baker. If you’ve ever found yourself with a hangover after trying to drink away your ex, listen to Baker Grissom’s new single “How Many Hangovers” right here, right NOW on Raised Rowdy.


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Raised Rowdy Contributor: Heather Shadrick

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