VIDEO PREMIERE: Josh Gallagher dubs blue collar America ‘Them Cans’ in latest single

Raised Rowdy Premiere

When a Josh Gallagher song comes over the radio or through a jukebox speaker, the most recognizable songs will be those with a blue collar storyline. Nothing was different on Thursday, July 8, when he released “Them Cans” to streaming services as his latest single.

Growing up in a blue collar part of the country in Pennsylvania, Gallagher spent his entire life watching and eventually becoming a blue collar worker. Those life experiences are the inspiration behind this targeted audience.

“Country music fans are 99% blue collar people,” he said. “I wanted to make music that connects with them, music they could feel like was made by someone who understood what they are facing every single day.

“There’s nothing a blue collar American can’t do.”

When Gallagher introduces this song at live performances, he asks the crowd who is proud to be an American, and the answer is typically a resounding cheer. He then explains that whenever he has been told there was something he couldn’t do it only motivated him to not only accomplish the feat, but to exceed the expectation already set.

“‘Them Cans’ is all about people who are willing to take on the impossible, and most of the time prove that whatever obstacle they were facing — whether it was physically or emotionally — they could, in fact, conquer it,” he said.

Strategically releasing this song around the United States’ Independence Day was just another way to show how much Gallagher values the work ethic and gumption of this country’s citizens. From songs such as 2019 release ‘Boots Like Mine’ which details a different style of boots — whether cowboy, steel-toed or military — to ‘Them Cans,’ Gallagher is determined to reach those 99% of country music fans who are proud to have discovered, built and/or protected this country so the people who live on its soil may be able to accomplish whatever goal they set out to achieve.

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