Erin Enderlin Celebrates Authenticity With ‘Somebody’s Shot of Whiskey’

Known for her traditional style, songwriting prowess, and a voice that moves effortlessly from honkytonk to heartbreak, Erin Enderlin is releasing her first original music since the 2019 debut of her album Faulkner County. As the Arkansas native explains, her new single “Somebody’s Shot of Whiskey” is a nod to the kind of people that aren’t afraid to dance the beat of their own drum. “I’d been carrying around this idea for years, since I saw it on a t-shirt at a festival I played.  When I told the idea to Ben Chapman, he instantly got it and started playing this funky groove and we took off running.  The older I get the more it means to me to be able to be myself and surround myself with people who dig me for me.  I think that’s something we all want and this song celebrates that.”

Credit: Ryan Nolan

Sultry and smooth, the single is laced with steel guitar flourishes and steady drums that help create the traditional sound that characterizes Enderlin’s projects. Jenee Fleenor’s fiddle dances between Enderlin’s honey-sweet and whiskey-warm vocals, framing verses that speak to the freedom that comes with accepting who you are:

“All my life I’ve been told

I’m cut from a different cloth

If I tried to hide it

It’d all come out in the wash”

Enderlin also played acoustic guitar and produced the track herself. Make sure to check it out below, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website to stay apprised of any updates.

Producer: Erin Enderlin

Engineer: Justin Courtelyou

Assistant Engineer: Kyle Blunt

Mixed by: Justin Courtleyou

Mastered by: Amy Brown

Acoustic Guitar: Erin Enderlin

Fiddle: Jenee Fleenor

Drums: Megan Jane

Bass: Rachel Loy

Steel guitar: Justin Schipper


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