Exclusive Premiere – Brett Sheroky Releases New Single ‘Good Thing Going’ That Reveals Who He Truly Is As An Artist

Sea Gayle artist Brett Sheroky has never been more excited and nervous to release something before. Sheroky has had many firsts as a singer and songwriter, but there’s something special about releasing a song that reveals your innermost thoughts and ideas as an artist to your fans. Oftentimes, songs are released based on appealing to a fan base rather than being vulnerable and putting out the song that the artist is in love with. For Sheroky, the vulnerability is real but the risk is worth the reward. 

“I feel like I’m pulling back the curtain a little more on who I am as an artist with this song. That’s always scary because you worry if what makes you tick will resonate with anybody else. I have so many musical influences aside from country music. My goal has been and will always be to draw on those influences to give folks something unique, while honoring the storytelling that makes country music so great.”

“Good Thing Going” was penned by Jessica Roadcap, Dan Wilson, and Sheroky and appears to be a happy-go-lucky song based on the interpretation of the title, but after listening to the first few lines of the track, listeners quickly realize it’s a play on words. Two ex-lovers find themselves stuck in a relationship a little too far gone, ultimately forcing one of them to make the decision to up and leave. This is where the clever twist comes into play.

Guess you don’t know what you got until it’s walking out the door
The one thing that was a sure thing, sure ain’t anymore
Now what I had ain’t coming back the way her wheels are rolling
I used to have a good thing going on, now I just have a good thing going

The track kicks off with a hard-hitting guitar riff and lyrical hook that immediately draws you in. Perhaps it even grabs your emotional heartstrings as you feel for the guy who just had his world turned upside down. It’s a catchy tune with lyrics that just about anyone can relate to. 

Sheroky found himself attached to the song from beginning to end, and even to the process of bringing it to life and daring to put it himself out there with something edgy.

“I love writing with Dan and Jess because there are never any fences in the room when we write. We never shoot straight down the middle and always push ourselves to go somewhere we haven’t gone before as songwriters. We all grew up on 90’s country but also on 90’s rock bands like Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam. This song feels like we brought those two worlds together. It’s very ‘me’. For that reason I’m excited and nervous to put it out there.”

We couldn’t be more excited for Brett and his team to put this tune out. We’ve been hot on his trails for the last few years and everything he does just keeps getting better.

Check out the link below for our exclusive premiere of “Good Thing Going” and be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook for the latest on new music and touring news.

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