Revelry Releases Newest Single ‘Two To Tango’

Tennessee based Southern Rock band Revelry dropped another impressive single on June 25th titled “Two To Tango,” and there are a few highlights here that can further back up the fact that they are not messing around. For a newer band with just two studio singles released (“Two To Tango” being the second), the quality in production and musicianship will certainly gain attention.

The tightness of the band is worthy of mentioning, even without studio tricks. “Two To Tango” is a lot more mellow when compared to their debut single, “Dirty,” which shows that there is a lot more to Revelry than partying, and the mature songwriting is a great example of that. They are gaining a lot of attention on the Nashville club scene and are even touring as far north as Ohio this summer, which says a lot about their ever-increasing popularity.

Check out Revelry’s “Two To Tango” below!

Two To Tango Tour dates:

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