Say Happy Father’s Day With Nate Fredrick’s ‘Hand It To Him’

Cover Photo by Kurt Ozan

Sometimes a song speaks when words fail you. In case you were looking for a way to tell your dad “thank you” for all the life lessons, support, and priceless advice this Father’s Day, look no further than Nate Fredrick’s new song “Hand It To Him.” The track is a sentimental look back at all the moments, no matter how small they may have seemed at the time, that can build a person and become an inextricable part of who they are. From calloused hands to old Case knives, Fredrick and his co-writers, Nick Haynes and Alex Schofield, develop a vignette in each verse:

“Calloused hands taught me to fix anything and everything

While I was fetching tools for my old man

Draining oil into coffee cans

Back then they were little things, teaching me how to build a dream”

Making for an even stronger tug on the heartstrings, Fredrick also pairs his emotive, raspy voice with an acoustic guitar for the video. After you check it out here, make sure to send it on to your dad and tell him Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Raised Rowdy!

Stacie Hestand – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Video by Brooke Stephens


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