Remember That Warm Weather with Tyler Chambers’ New Single ‘See That Summer’

What do you think of when you think of Summer? Getting songs stuck in your head, tasting lime and tequila, hearing the waves crashing on the beach, sunburns, tattoos and tan lines, and singing on the dunes… Who came to mind when you thought of these things?

In ‘See That Summer’ Tyler Chambers sings of the one love who embodies Summer for him, and cannot wait to bring you back to those times. “I’ve been excited about this single since the day I wrote it. It’s a song that doesn’t make you just remember, but reminisce. I’m pumped to share it with the world. Here’s to Summer 2021 and it being a hell of a lot better than the last one.” ‘See That Summer’ is set to be released Friday, 4 June.

“I see that summer, taste that kiss, crash like the waves all over and over again” – the waves are a great symbol throughout the song. The song opens with the sound of waves crashing, instantly transporting you to the beach in your mind, and they also represent the way he thinks of her “over and over” in the same way that waves crash.

Tyler Chambers is definitely one of Nashville’s up and coming new country artists to watch. Tyler has a great story as he grew up in Georgia, on a whim he decided to move to Wyoming to become a ranch hand, spent his free time writing songs, and booked a one-way ticket to Nashville to pursue his dream. This must be how he is able to write such authentic country songs.

Over the last four and a half years, Tyler has written over 400 songs and performed over 100 shows around the United States. He has been a co-writer on 24 releases with artists including Adam Sanders, Bryce Mauldin, and Noah Hicks, as well as currently writing with country music duo, Muscadine Bloodline. His next single will connect him with all kinds of country music lovers, released perfectly in time for the season.

‘See That Summer’ was written by Tyler Chambers himself, along with Gary Garris and Trey Teem. This single is a great taste of what is to come from Tyler and has already gotten me hooked as a fan. This one is sure to be a huge summer jam!



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