Josh Gallagher celebrates Southern life with ‘Up Right’


With summer quickly approaching, Josh Gallagher is doing it ‘Up Right’ with the release of his second single. What he called a ‘perfect summer song,’ this latest release will encompass not just summer in the South, but life in general.

“I wanted to be true to the life we live in the South with this song, and I think between both of the verses, we were able to do just that,”  Gallagher, Season 11 alumnus of The Voice, said. “I think this is a song that will resonate with people, no matter how they were raised.”

From late night bonfires that turn into early work mornings and — as the first verse says — ‘Bustin’ my butt ‘til I get off and back to living it up right’ to making sure to make it to church on Sunday, the song certainly checks all the boxes.

“I didn’t want the song to get too ‘church-y’ but it’s also a big part of how most of us are raised, and I thought it was important to include that aspect,” he said.

Gallagher penned this song with songwriters Mark Addison Chandler, Davis Corley and John Caldwell, who he says understand exactly what he wants from the music he is releasing.

“When I am in the room with those guys, it’s really just about finding the right idea and how to make it work,” Gallagher said. “More often than not, we end up with something we really like.”

The foursome liked this one enough to put it out as a single to all streaming services on Friday. Written with purpose, ‘Up Right’ is destined to be in ‘Speakers screaming louder than ten’ all summer in those ‘Jeeps jacked high on dirty 39s.’


Josh Gallagher writes songs destined to root themselves inside your brain, never failing  to bring you back to the first moment you heard them. Doggedly likeable and  unashamedly himself, the Pennsylvania native has a ‘no-bullshit’ kind of charm, earning  praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard and CMT, along with some of country  music’s greatest heroes. “This kid,” Garth Brooks said of Gallagher, “as soon as he  opens his mouth— you believe him.” 

In 2016 , Josh Gallagher forced the world to rear its head on Season 11 of NBC’s The  Voice, making history as the first country artist coach Adam Levine has ever led to the  show’s finale. Since then, Josh Gallagher has proven he can hold his own on stage with  Randy Houser, Eric Paslay, Lee Ann Womack, Cole Swindell and more. In a genre with  blurred lines and pandering hits running on borrowed time, Josh Gallagher has  established his own distinct voice, showing no sign of fading away quietly. 

Following the 2019 release of his debut project Josh Gallagher EP, JG brought the  country music community to its knees with his single and music video “Boots Like  Mine.” The “Boots Like Mine” video ultimately led to Gallagher breaking his own record,  spending 8 weeks at #1 on CMT Music’s 12-Pack Countdown. Following one career  highlight with another, Josh Gallagher proudly announced his sophomore EP Turn  Around Town, which debuted at #10 on iTunes Country Chart. In fall 2020, Gallagher  partnered with Realtree Camo in preparation for his single and music video “Get Lost,”  garnering further support from CMT with an exclusive premiere. 

Armed with a catalog in which every release rivals, if not outperforms the last, Josh  Gallagher entered 2021 with his “Bright Side”— the introductory single for his debut full length album.



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