Cody Barnett Releases Single, ‘Ride’

At the beginning of May, the raspy voiced Oklahoma based songwriter, Cody Barnett, dropped a raw, gritty single titled “Ride.” In February, Barnett released “Miss You More,” which was much like a modern Outlaw/Blues song with edge. This time, however, he smashed us with a straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll tune. With many up and coming bands like The Delta Sons and Revelry, Barnett is right along with them causing a resurgence of electric guitar-fueled Southern Rock, whether it comes out of Oklahoma or Tennessee and everywhere in between.

Explaining the meaning behind “Ride,” Barnett says, “It’s written to basically explain the feeling of driving an old hot rod or motorcycle, and having that urge to always push its limits. Givin’ her hell until it starts to get sketchy. Instead of letting off, you mash that throttle a little harder. The whole song transfers to my music career and how I’m going to take that journey the same way.”


Make sure to give Cody Barnett’s new single, “Ride,” a listen down below!


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