SJ McDonald Drops a New One for That “Stage-five Clinger” We’ve All Seemed to Have – “Stop Sending Me Love Songs”

American Idol contestant, SJ McDonald, drops her new single “Stop Sending Me Love Songs” which is a perfect touch on that person in your life that you’ve had a little bit too much of and they won’t take the hint and keep sending you love songs. It’s got a Carrie Underwood/Brothers Osborne kinda feel to it. She wrote this one with Aaron Schilb and produced with Brandon Meagher.

Born and raised on a small-town turkey and cattle farm, SJ McDonald has always held the values of country music as a core foundation in her life. She started writing songs at a young age and at just 15 years old, the singer formed SaraJane McDonald and Sweetfire. The country-rock band performed across Virginia and North Carolina at festivals and other venues, headlining and opening for country stars Jon PardiRunaway June , and more. In 2017, SJ moved to Nashville and fully committed to writing and performing music. Within the first week of living in town, she had already landed herself weekly gigs on some of Lower Broadway’s most notable stages. She currently continues these shows while balancing full-time school work with daily writes and gigs around town. SJ was honored with the 2018 John Lennon Scholarship for Songwriters and Composers with her song, “Working Class Woman.” She is also a member of the Song Suffragettes, a writers round that highlights and empowers female songwriters in Nashville. Everyone who meets SJ instantly falls in love, not only with her effortless talent, but also her charming and genuine personality. She prioritizes forming lasting relationships with just about every person she can. When she isn’t working on music, she can be found working cattle on her family farm or dancing in the crowd of a honky tonk.

When we asked SJ what the inspiration for “Stop Sending Me Love Songs” was, she told us “A lot of us have dated someone that held on a little too tight. Stop Sending Me Love Songs is about my “stage-five-clinger”, who straight up wouldn’t stop texting me love songs for a while. If I could go back, I’d send him this.” Believe me when I tell you – WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE, and this is that perfect song to explain just how you feel about it.

You keep coming back,

but I don’t want that

stop sending me love songs

stop telling me I’m the only one

There’s nothing here to fix

can’t you take a hint

I’m not the girl you think you want

stop sending me love songs

SJ might be young in the music game – but you can’t deny talent when you see it. You heard it here first – and RAISED ROWDY knows country damn music when they hear it… be on the lookout for more to come from SJ McDonald.


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