Hear The Next Chapter of Ryan Nelson with “All My Dances”

Long time Raised Rowdy favorite, Ryan Nelson just dropped his new single, “All My Dances”. This one isn’t the typical feel good, drinking type of song that we’re used to from Nelson. Instead we get a little sneak peek into his more personal and vulnerable side with this new jam. “All My Dances” was written by Ryan Nelson, Drew Baldridge and Tyler Chambers.

We got to sit down with Nelson and he told us, “People who know about me have seen the wild side, but I wanted to come out the gate this time showing a little of my softer side.”  When we got to talking about the writing process of “All My Dances”, Ryan stated that they “Started with a great feel and melody, and by the time we got to the “jump all your fences” line in back part of the chorus, the hook literally wrote itself. Those are always some of the most fun and memorable ones.”
The moment I met you
Girl I knew it
You looked like summer, and you felt like music
who knew three months, two weeks, and a day
Would be enough to make a girl, make a boy wanna give his heart away
But here we are now, spinning around and around
and all I can think about it how
Every inch of every mile of every road you run
Every kiss and every wish you have up under that sun
I wanna be that hand you hold onto 
Got a whole lot of love I just gotta let loose
So baby I, wanna jump, wanna jump all your fences
and I, wanna take, wanna take all my chances
cause I, wanna dance, wanna dance all my dances with you
You met my mama
and I shook your daddy’s hand
Made him a promise
That I was gonna be that man
To get some white rice flying on a high noon day
a couple coke cans tied to an old Chevrolet 
and here we are now, spinning around and around, and all I can think about is how
“I’ve always liked that this song was able to show what love looks like from the male side and the depth that it can have, even though it’s often explained in a somewhat stoic manner and with simple words. Everything is explained through action (jumping fences, taking chances) and not just talking about feelings. This song never feels like it’s pandering too hard at women to the point where it feels emasculated.”

Ryan has a lot more music coming our way so be on the lookout for even more release dates. We couldn’t be more excited to see what Ryan and his team come up with next! 
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