Exclusive Premiere: Vinnie Paolizzi is Saving All His Singing For Something Special in ‘Gold Rush’

We have all been there. You’re pushing forward but not getting the traction that you think you need; the motor is running but the uphill climb seems like it’s using more gas than distance.

After talking to his good friend Gabe Lee, Vinnie Paolizzi got the idea for “Gold Rush” from a phrase Gabe said to him. Gabe explained that he was saving his voice for an upcoming show at the “Gold Rush,” but Vinnie thought that the line had some more meaning to it and took a swing at explaining the grind of a musician’s life with the statement – saving your singing and songs for when it seemed to matter.

The song goes on to carve out the story of a semi-jaded musician dreaming of a better life.  He took a little bit more of a literal definition of the gold rush being “Making It” or striving to that plane where you are high enough to look back and see where you have been and how you got there.

The track, which was produced by Oran Thornton, sonically carved out a different sound than what you can come to expect from some modern Country sounds in Springfield, Missouri’s studio 2100.

Vinnie’s voice is distinct and left of center if you just listen to what folks will play you in the center of the country music lane.  Vinnie’s music ends up as a mix of his East coast raising and Amos Lee listening, with some Bruce Springsteen sprinkled in, all while being unapologetically Vinnie. He doesn’t sound exactly like what you might be used to and that is purposeful in intention.

“Gold Rush” is just the start of the project for Vinnie. He has a group of new songs that will be dropping every 5 weeks or so until the entire project is revealed.

So if you are an artist on the road, or in an office grinding on some menial task, just remember to make the best of the time you have. Sometimes you have to save some gas to get up that big hill, but don’t forget to keep moving or you will never get there.

It takes hard work and giving enough of a fuck to get out and move the needle, just like Vinnie is doing with his new project.

Give “Gold Rush” a listen and see if you feel that need and want to get to that crown, whatever your crown may look like.


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