‘For Artists. By Artists.’: Honcho Music Group is Something Different

You don’t have to look far to hear horror stories about music labels, management and promoting issues told by a musician. Texas country musician Dalton Domino, a truly masterful singer/songwriter with clear Americana and Red Dirt roots, and Honcho Music Group are trying to put a stop to those stories. According to their website, “Honcho Music Group is a full-service, Texas-based artist management, booking agency, publishing administration, and artist developing company representing and providing consultation to performers, songwriters, producers, venues, festivals, promoters, and recording studios.”

Dalton Domino / Photo from Honcho Music Group’s website

Basically, Honcho Music Group is the complete package. What is unique about this particular company is that it is run by songwriters for songwriters. Behind the scenes, Honcho is also run by producers, managers and professionals who have had more than enough experience in the industry. Perhaps the most important characteristic of all is that they choose to work with musicians who they not only see potential in, but whose craft they believe in.

The current artists under the management of Honcho Music Group and Dalton Domino are nothing short of fantastic. Up-and-comer Jacob Stelly is a songwriter who mixes the old school traditional sound with a modern vocal style. He has a 2019 EP called University Heights, which features a superbly written track titled “Fade Away.” Jacob also released a single earlier this year by the name of “Johnny Walker,” which is a must-listen.

Photo from Honcho Music Group’s website

Hailing from west Texas, Kat Hasty has already built a significant fan base in a very short time. Best known for her song “Pretty Things,” her music has definitely made its rounds all over the country. Her Dylanesque style and lyrics meld together to form art that is a phenomenal example of modern day country/folk music. It is only the beginning for Kat and she has already proven herself as a great songwriter with her EP, Drowning in Dreams.

Photo from Kat Hasty’s website

Slade Coulter definitely brings a southern rock ‘n’ roll sound to his work with excellent hooks and great melodies. The Jayton, Texas songwriter released an EP in 2020 titled Here We Go Again which is sonically soulful and chock full of ear candy provided by perfectly distorted guitar, organ, and Slade’s great lyrics and vocals. He, like his counterparts under Honcho, is definitely an artist to watch. Go check out Slade’s newest single, “Hey Mary,” which dropped earlier this year.

Photo from Slade Coulter’s website

Sounding like his voice was made for this kind of music, Chris Canterbury provides lyrics that are all-too-familiar to a lot of people while also turning sorrowful stories into brilliant pieces of work. Chris is exactly what you’re looking for when you want to hear true country music with an old school style reminiscent of Waylon and Willie. He has 2 albums out currently: Poets, Prophets, And All Things Forgotten and Refinery Town. His 2020 single, “Back on The Pills,” is a very deep and self-reflecting song that anyone who appreciates solid songwriting needs to listen to.

Photo from Chris Canterbury’s website

Jordan Nix started playing shows as early as 18 years old, and his early experience definitely reflects the quality of his music. His sound is a mix of country and straight rock ‘n’ roll, which is becoming more and more prevalent in the Texas music scene, and he certainly holds his own. Jordan and his band, formerly known as Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers, released an album titled Happier Than Normal, which was Number 4 Album of the Year by Texas Music Pickers back in 2018.

Photo from Hancho Music Group’s website’s


Dalton Domino and Honcho Music Group are showing that they can manage and expose artists to wider audiences all while maintaining respect and a drive for them to show their true message at the same time. As they explain on their website, “We are something new. We are something different. We are the other option.”


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Check out and support the artists mentioned above here:

Jacob Stelly: https://www.jacobstelly.com/

Kat Hasty: https://kathasty.com/

Slade Coulter: https://sladecoulter.com/

Chris Canterbury: https://canterburytunes.com/

Jordan Nix: https://www.jordannixmusic.com/

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