Premiere: Jeb Gipson Throws Caution To The Wind In ‘Kissin’ Me Back’

Photo by Kurt Ozan

Love is a crazy thing…It causes so much joy and sometimes so much pain, but most of the time it is honestly a mixture of the two.  That place that you land is often somewhere between good and bad. It is more gray than black or white. When those moments of love hit, you lose yourself. You lose your self control to do what you know you should. Your heart starts steering the boat and there isn’t much else that matters for that string of moments. Everyone else in the room disappears. What you know is wrong is right. That is not just the story of love; that is the story of “Kissin’ Me Back.”

Sometimes a song, like the one we are premiering here for you today from Jeb Gipson, captures that sudden blast of emotion when sense goes out the window and passion and right now is all that matters.  Jeb told us this about the sentiment of the track: “This song is just about that somebody you can’t turn down no matter how hard you try. We have all been there. It is shamelessly saying to the girl ‘hey you’re gonna have to put a stop to this thing cause I can’t keep telling you no.’”

Jeb’s mix of soulful vocal expression and seriously relatable lyrics along with THAT MELODY just draws the listener in from the first listen. Jeb had help crafting this song and its unshakable melody with two of Nashville’s top songwriters (Chris Dubois and Blake Bollinger) and to say they hit pay dirt would be putting it lightly.

Jeb told us a little bit about how this track came to life:  “Blake and I actually started the song just the two of us at Blake’s house one night. We ended up taking another look at it a few weeks later while I was writing with Chris one day, he loved the tune and was kind enough to help me finish it.”

Photo By Kurt Ozan

This track is just the tip of the iceberg for the next step in Jeb’s career as he is set to release a brand new 5 track EP on April 9th. With songs like “Kissin’ Me Back” as well as some of his recent releases (“If It Ain’t With You” and “Good at Moving On”), the future could not be brighter for Jeb and his team. This guy has got what it takes to get to the next level and hopefully be heard on more radio stations than just Raised Rowdy Radio, where we will be playing him Sunday night at 9PM EST. Jeb has a great voice – you know exactly who it is when you hear him – paired with a distinct look and songs with power and sentiment that get stuck in your head for days on end. That is a winning combination.

So give this track a listen and take yourself back to that feeling that made your heart crave for one last moment with someone you loved. We know you will have this one on repeat after you do.


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