Revelry Releases Music Video for Debut Single ‘Dirty’

Revelry released the music video for their debut single, Dirty, and it couldn’t represent the song or band any better. The southern rock saviors from Tennessee released the single early this past January, and those of us who listened to it then have been chomping at the bit for more material from these guys.

Without spoiling too much, the video shows you right away how Revelry roll: they’re down to get wild, they’re down to get loud, but most importantly- they’re “down to get dirty.”

With how fresh on the scene these guys are, it is super impressive how clean and well produced both their song and video are. We are very excited to hear more from Revelry, and the talent they have leaves us no doubt that we will be in for a pleasant surprise.


Watch Revelry’s new music video for Dirty below:

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