Sam Grow’s ‘This Town’

I’d love to give you an introduction, but “This Town” damn near stopped me in my tracks. The second you turn it on it strikes you – the clarity behind the strum of the guitar and the sexy huskiness of Sam’s voice perfectly describes his story. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes a song special, but with this one it’s easy. Even when the song ends, his voice echoes through your mind, stuck in your head over and over again, until all you can think about is the lyrics and the melody.

One of the reasons you will find “This Town” so captivating, as a fan, is partly because it hits you straight in the first few seconds of the song. Grow sets the scene perfectly and descriptively – “Said you moved to Tupelo, a couple months ago, she said you loved it and you won’t come back, if I’m being honest girl, I hate to hear that.” This line particularly can make you empathise with his situation, being that you can remember a time where you wished the absolute best for someone, yet part of you wishes they’d kinda hate their new situation, so maybe they’d come back…

The hook of this song – the emphasis on the phrase “this town” – will get you every time. It’s catchy yet resounding, describing the kind of town we all come from, where everyone knows everything and nothing stays a secret. I want to play this song over and over again, and I absolutely will.

Released just this week, 12th February, it’s the newest of Grow’s singles. It is written by Sam Grow himself, along with Keesey Timmer and Wil Nance, who are each very talented songwriters in their own right. What is interesting is that one of the Grammy winning producers is Noah Gordon, and the other multi-platinum artist who produced it is Colt Ford. Ford is usually known for an almost country/rap/pop kind of sound, yet here he shows his ability to cross genres, and create a truly unique, yet relatable, country song.

“Even though you been gone for a minute, this town still got you in it” – It’s hard to escape the one you loved when everyone and everything around you still reminds you of them. “Damn this town” perfectly summarizes how you might feel after going through a breakup, and how everything still reminds you of them.

We all know how rumors go, and the smaller the town, the faster they travel. This song describes that situation in such a detailed way, and will make you be glad you left your hometown, or at very least, make you wish you could get out. Or maybe you just love it. Either way, it’s very easy to relate to this song.

I highly recommend turning this up real loud, maybe in your truck down a back road, or maybe at night with all the lights off, or maybe while you’re getting ready before a date… any time, because it will get you in a good mood no matter what you’re doing. Relate to it (or impossibly not), and you will play this song on repeat in no time.


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