Jacob Lutz Signs Worldwide Pub Deal with 50 Egg Music and Releases New Single ‘Same Love’

North Carolina native Jacob Lutz has more than one reason to celebrate this week. In addition to releasing his brand new single “Same Love,” Lutz announced his worldwide publishing deal with 50 Egg Music. Co-owners Jonathan Singleton, Tali Canterbury, and Luke Combs have signed a number of singer/songwriters over the last few years and are excited to add Lutz to their talent-packed roster. 

Just three months after the premiere of his debut single “Lonely Heart,” Lutz released a love-inspired ballad right in time for Valentine’s Day. While there are plenty of country songs written about love, Lutz shared with us what made it different when working with co-writers Andy Alber and Blake Bollinger:

The day we wrote ‘Same Love’ it felt like we weren’t writing your average love song. It felt really special. It’s the difference between two people who just ended up together and two people who were meant to be together. This one is about that ‘meant to be’ love.

While it may sound like your cliché country love song by description, I would argue not so much. Similar to the R&B vibe we swayed to in “Lonely Heart,” Lutz tiptoed the line between country and blues here as well. This doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know he grew up listening to Sam Cooke, Garth Brooks, and John Mayer. Perhaps just as influential in his styling is the fact he was raised singing gospel songs in his church choir.  Lutz may have left his home in North Carolina to pursue his dream in Nashville, but he managed to stay true to his roots. Collectively with co-producers Bollinger and Singleton, Lutz was able to bridge his past with his current music by featuring a gospel choir on the chorus. 

Surely there will be more reasons for Lutz to celebrate in the coming months after partnering with 50 Egg Music, but for now make sure you stop by Whiskey Row next Thursday, February 18th if you’re in Nashville for the “Same Love” single release party.

Check out our podcast hosted by Nicky T to hear more about how he connected with the team at 50 Egg and be sure to follow Jacob Lutz on Instagram and Facebook for more artist related news!


Sara Custance – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Photograph above by Risa T Photography and provided by artist. 

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