Jeremee Knipp Releases New Single “Draft Cards”

On January 5th, Read Southall Band’s bassist, Jeremee Knipp, released his new single “Draft Cards.” The best way to describe this tune is a healthy dosage of southern rock with the raspy vocals you would find in the Red Dirt area. With Ben McKenzie on acoustic guitar and harmonies, Reid Barber on drums, Braxton Curliss on keys, John Tyler Perry on lead guitar, Caleb Shirtum on bass, and engineering done by Dwight Hamlin (Hamlin also coproduced with Ben McKenzie), Knipp assembled quite a talented group to bring the song to life.

”The story is about pieces of my grandfather, Keith Knipp, and his brother, John’s, time in the Marine Corp during the Vietnam War,” Knipp explains, “How they were forced to fight in a war they didn’t want to fight in.” The style of the song is very reminiscent of the classic Red Dirt tunes from back in the day, but Knipp says that he classifies his music as “crunchy country”, which is a term Read Southall coined a while back.

When asked what the future holds for his solo work outside of Read Southall Band, Knipp wasn’t entirely sure. “I’m gonna continue to play with RSB and release some more music, play some acoustic gigs here and there and a couple of full gigs as well,” Knipp states, “Take it as it comes, I guess!”

Either way, more music is definitely welcomed from Jeremee Knipp. His sound is fantastic and songwriting is definitely strong. Knipp plans on dropping another single soon, which is a song called “Ilene.” Around April or May, he has a 5 song EP that’s going to come out, which he’s really looking forward to. The EP is called Coddiwomple and is engineered and produced by Dwight Hamlin, the front man for White Lighters.

Check out his newest single “Draft Cards.”

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