The Ultimate Guide to Morgan Wallen’s Newest Double Album: Dangerous

I know it’s only January but it’s hard not to name this as the album of the year already. It is, in the very least, one of the most anticipated in a while. It’s no surprise that this album was absolutely worth the hype, with every single song achieving what you expected from Morgan Wallen and better than you could have ever predicted. With the world the way it is right now, it’s a welcome relief to have something so wonderful to listen to. Here’s the ultimate guide to each track on the double album, listing each’s best lyrics, the talented songwriters behind them, and a quick description/review.


1. Sand In My Boots

Written by: Ashley Gorley, Josh Osborne, Michael Hardy

“I said, ‘Let’s go shoot tequila,’ so we walked back to that beach bar, she said, ‘Don’t cowboys drink whiskey?’ so we drank bottom shelf. She said, ‘Damn, that sky looks perfect,’ I said, ‘Girl, you’ve never seen stars like the ones back home’ and she said ‘Maybe I should see ’em for myself.'”

What a fantastic song to start the album off with. It’s incredibly romantic while also bittersweet, and really shows off Morgan’s vocal range. He must have fallen in love with a girl and wanted to bring her back home to Tennessee but she didn’t show up, so he brought home nothing but sand in his boots. This is arguably one of the best songs off the album.


2. Wasted On You

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Josh Thompson, Morgan Wallen, Ryan Vojtesak

“I don’t always wake up in the mornin’, pour myself a strong one, aw, but when I get lonely I do”

This song was hard to find the words for because it is so damn good. While smashing out the album for days, I have forced almost all my friends to listen to it, and this is the song they agree is absolute best (even amongst non-country fans).  “Wasted On You” originally blew up through Morgan’s socials, and is already a favorite amongst fans. The success of this album has been decided already just in the first two songs.


3. Somebody’s Problem

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Jacob Durrett, Morgan Wallen, Rodney Clawson

“Kinda girl once you’ve had her, you can’t stand to lose her, kinda girl where your friends tell you don’t F it up, kinda girl that goes from tryin’ to just to get her number, to slidin’ through the summer to talkin’ ’bout love”

A romantic, catchy, perfect-as-hell song to get you into Morgan mode. Released previously with the announcement of the album, it’s been out for a few months, and damn has it been loved. Is it possible for Morgan to put out anything less than amazing?


4. More Surprised Than Me

Written by: Ben Burgess, Lee Thomas Miller, Niko Moon

“They say there ain’t no way that she could be with him, in a world where nothing is what it seems, ain’t no one more surprised than me”

The strum of the guitar at the start of this song instantly fills you with anticipation as this is one of the catchier, more upbeat songs on the album. It is a very romantic song, and talks of how lucky he feels to be with his girl, when “nobody buys it when we walk in” and even he doesn’t understand how she ended up with him. It’s exciting to bring back Ben Burgess, one of the writers of Morgan’s “Whiskey Glasses” for this song, so you know it’s likely to be a hit.


5. 865

Written by: Blake Pendergrass, John Byron

“It don’t matter if I got my lips on a different drink on a different night, yeah, the second that I take a sip all I’m gonna think is…”

We’ve all been there before – thinking a drink will help you forget someone, but turns out, the more you drink, the more you find yourself dying to call them. This one is particularly good to sing along to, and now I’ve somehow memorized some girl’s phone number…


6. Warning

Written by: Ashley Gorley, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak

“That label on that whiskey on that shelf, should’ve said, ’Don’t buy no shots for no one else’”

“Warning” kicks the album up a notch (if that were still possible even on the third track) and reminds us of how it feels to hell-wish you could rewind time and warn yourself how a situation might affect you. You can hear in both the lyrics and the drawn-out music itself that the man in this story truly regrets the night he spent with this woman, and damn, can we all feel that.


7. Neon Eyes

Written by: Ben Burgess, Mark Holman, Morgan Wallen

“They started out blue like an East Tennessee June sky, full of small-town innocence, guarded by a picket fence, perfect ’til I drove by. You were lookin’ for a way out and I was on my way, girl, once you love a cowboy, you’ll never be the same”

Damn these lyrics (like most of the album) are so good. I’m loving all the cowboy and outlaw references. Morgan leans into his bad boy image and describes how he might affect a woman, and how he inevitably could just let her down in the end.


8. Outlaw (feat. Ben Burgess)

Written by: Ben Burgess, Jordan Reynolds, Josh Kerr, Patrick Davis.

“Stole this heart, ain’t that the truth? Guess that makes you an outlaw too”

Ben Burgess is back again, not only as a writer on this track, but he is also featured. His voice perfectly complements Morgan’s throughout the song, and turns out, the lyrics are also quite romantic, in a rebellious, less obvious way. I guess all it takes is finding that one woman to capture your heart.


9. Whiskey’d My Way

Written by: Josh Miller, Josh Thompson, Matt Dragstrem, Thomas Rhett

“You saw me out on a Friday downtown, with a smile that came stumblin’ back in, guess that killed your mood ’cause you did what you do, turned around and walked out again”

Get used to the names of these songwriters. They all pop up and make their mark throughout the rest of the album, starting with this song. It was particularly exciting to see Thomas Rhett here, and you can hear his impact throughout. A great breakup song for when all you’ve got left is the good stuff to keep you company – whiskey.


10. Wonderin’ Bout The Wind

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Morgan Wallen

“And why it always takes her with it, and only brings her back now and then? I guess I’ve always been wonderin’ ’bout the wind”

Here, two best friends come together to create a very well-written song. The lyrics compare a woman he loves to the wind, she seems to come and go with no reason, but he’ll always be hoping she comes back.

11. Your Bartender

Written by: Josh Thomspon, Matt Dragstrem, Rhett Akins, Thomas Rhett

“If I was your car, I’d turn you ’round. If I was your radio, I’d play our song right now”

Josh Thompson and Matt Dragstrem team up for a second song on the double album, proving their magic together. Coupled with father and son Rhett Akins and Thomas Rhett, the collaboration proves to be another fantastic break up song. Morgan dreams of how he might remind her to come back home – pouring her drinks, leaving her with a cold bed, and playing “heartbreak songs” on the jukebox. Great to sing along to when you think you still might have a chance…


12. Only Thing That’s Gone (feat. Chris Stapleton)

Written by: Chase McGill, Josh Thompson, Matt Dragstrem, Morgan Wallen

“Here’s a hundred and some change, I’ll take whatever that’ll buy, leave a twenty for the band, if they’ll lay off lonesome songs tonight”

This has been a huge stand-out song amongst fans… at least as far as I’ve noticed. And how could it not be? We have two incredibly talented artists, leaders in their sometimes-differing niches in country, teaming up for what is obviously going to be an extremely successful song. Not to mention the combo of Matt Dragstrem and Josh Thompson once again. Let’s join Morgan, sit in a dive bar, and drink ‘til we forget her.


13. Cover Me Up

Written by: Jason Isbell

“I sobered up, I swore off that stuff forever this time. And the old lover’s sing, ‘I thought it’d be me who helped him get home,’ but home was a dream. One that I’d never seen ’til you came along.”

What has become a Morgan classic, of course this would make it to the record. As a cover of Jason Isbell, it has been controversial amongst fans; however, I believe it is incredibly beautiful in Morgan’s unique voice. We can all only hope to find that one person who gives reason to our being, and relieves us of our wild ways.


14. 7 Summers

Written by: Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Morgan Wallen

“Probably got a big ol’ diamond on your hand right now, maybe a baby or a couple by now, long driveway to a big white house. But I wonder when you’re drinkin’ if you find yourself thinkin’ about that boy from East Tennessee”

An obvious choice by Morgan, it came out a few months ago after the pleas by his fans to release this song.  Personally, I have had this on repeat since the first listen. And damn, if you haven’t seen the mini movie they’ve created for the song, you should check it out. This will forever be a favourite of Morgan’s and is melancholy for a young love that lasted long enough to leave an impact on the rest of your life. Where are they now? Do they still think of me? These questions haunt him and possibly always will.


15. More Than My Hometown

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen, Ryan Vojtesak

“Girl, our mamas are best friends and so are we, the whole town’s rooting for us like the home team. Most likely to settle down, plant a few roots real deep and let ’em grow”

What is left to be said about this song? This was my top, number one, most played for 2020, and I’ve rediscovered how much I love it all over again with the release of this album. Damn, is this tracklist arranged perfectly, taking you through a whole journey of that country life. Finishing up part one with possibly one of the best songs of his career was a move, leaving me hungry for the next part of this double album…


Okay now take a breather with me, fill up your cup (mine’s with bourbon), and settle in to the second half of the best album of the year.


1. Still Goin Down

Written by: Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen, Ryan Vojtesak

“The way I talk, I guess I got it from my pops, product of some kneelin’ down in a town where the doors don’t lock. And there’s a million other people like me, from a scene a little more podunk than pop”

So, as I’m sure you’re aware, Morgan Wallen decided to drop three brand new songs a few months ago in celebration of the announcement of his double album. This one, like the other two songs, caught major attention from fans. I know I’ve had it playing on rotation since it came out. It particularly celebrates Morgan’s roots and the authenticity behind his country swagger – it makes me wish I had a damn good country boy like him. Also, it’s Hardy and Ryan Vojtesak again, so hell yeah it’s a good song (especially to kick off part 2 with).


2. Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt

Written by: Shane McGill, Josh Thompson, Matt Dragstrem

“Wanna see my name on a dive bar wall, where the ceilings ain’t, but the beers are tall”

Okay, surely by now, you’ve figured out these songwriters create absolute heaven when it comes to music… so here we are again with another incredible song. Well, let me put your mind at ease and confirm this is another jam. This song seems to set the scene for the second part of the double album, celebrating Morgan’s country roots.


3, Dangerous

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Morgan Wallen

“Yeah, I could see me doin’ just fine with a Daisy Duke dime but I don’t see it lastin’ long, I could see me orderin’ too many drinks at the bar get the bartender pourin’ ’em strong, that’s what I do when I’m tryna drink you gone”

This song was an instant favourite for me. It’s one of those songs that hit you so hard you never forget the first moment it blessed your headphones (and even exactly where you were). Here, we have Ernest’s sixth (out of eleven !!) song on the album. If you haven’t been paying attention so far, even you should be able to notice the pattern – that Ernest writes really, super, damn good songs. So, it’s no surprise whatsoever that the title track for the double album is one of the strongest, most upbeat, vibing songs ever, which you’ll find very hard to turn off.


4. Beer Don’t

Written by: Jake Mitchell, Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen

“Home base, that’s the party spot at the Walmart, second base in the parkin’ lot at the ballpark”

“Beer Don’t” really confirms and introduces the new theme of upbeat, country-loving, southern-culture-celebrating sound of the second part. This one you can definitely get down to when you’re with your friends, and raise a glass to celebrate the simple fact that is: we all looove beer.


5. Blame It On Me

Written by: Ashley Gorley, Ernest Keith Smith, Ryan Vojtesak

“Forgive me if I set the bar too high, with a six-pack and a bass boat fishtail slide. If them weekend boys get boring, I don’t mean to wreck it for you, yeah, it’s my bad girl if you had the time of your life”

This song fills me with happiness, excitement, and pure love for country music. It absolutely has to be one of the most feel-good songs on the album, and possibly one of the best. It tells, in perfectly descriptive detail, what it might be like to date the charming cowboy that is Morgan Wallen. I’m already thinking what a completely perfect album…


6. Somethin’ Country

Written by: Daniel Ross, Ernest Keith Smith, Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen

“You walked in, cutoffs lookin’ real skimpy, the hottest thing my side of the Mississippi, and I could spin you ’round and ’round ’til I get you dizzy, but you look like you got hillbilly in your bones”

Alright y’all, get ready for old (er) school Morgan Wallen that is the next few songs of this album. If you liked his old stuff, but had faith in how much he’s grown as an artist, then you’ll see that this is exactly what he’s accomplished. All I can think of when I hear this song is how good it would be live.


7. This Bar

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Jackson Morgan, Jake Scott, Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen, Ryan Vojtesak

“Couldn’t wait to turn 21, the day I did I got too drunk, spinnin’ round dizzy on the patio, found out real quick how to take it slow”

Another song that was released about a year ago and has proven to be one of the best songs out and another fan favourite. Probably won’t leave my roster for a few more years…


8. Country A$$ Shit

Written by: Chase McGill, Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen

“Between workin’ it off and gettin’ it chewed, there ain’t much country ass left in these old blue jeans, but wait a minute, the whole world can kiss it, ‘cause me and my country ass gone fishin’”

This would be another incredible song to see live. Let’s ignore all our responsibilities, crack a can, and do some country a$$ shit.


9. Whatcha Think About Country Now

Written by: Dallas Davidson, Devin Dawson, Justin Wilson, Kyle Fishman, Mark Holman

“Aw, baby now you’ve seen the way my sun sets, from a blanket on a bank of a creek bed, and I can tell you were hooked soon as you said ‘Don’t take me home, boy I ain’t had enough yet’”

Another celebration of Morgan’s country roots, this one talks of a girl who’s been converted to the country after meeting a country boy. I’m pretty sure that’s all it would take anyway. I thought the list of songwriters on this track was quite interesting, and I was excited to see Dallas Davidson on there, who has written many hits for artists such as Luke Bryan and tends to write songs that appreciate the country life.


10. Me On Whiskey

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Mark Holman, Rodney Clawson

“I know we made a downtown reservation, let’s get there early, get drunk, and break it”

The sexiest song on the album – a girl could only dream of Morgan singing this to her.


11. Need A Boat

Written by: Hillary Linsday, Matt Dragstrem, Morgan Wallen

“As long as it’ll fish, just wanna cast it out yonder, let my mind wander off to anything but this”

Well, it wouldn’t be the best country album of the year without a song about fishing. I’m sure all you country boys get tired of the city sometimes, and when that happens, find a back road and turn this one up. This could possibly be the song on the album with the most twang, and it’s also nice to have a female writer show up.


12. Silverado For Sale

Written by: Ben Hayslip, Dallas Davidson, Marv Green

“Never thought I’d be callin’ you up today, takin’ out an ad for this Chevrolet, but there’s a ring in the window just down the street, I wanna marry her, she wants to marry me”

It’s tough to come across a man who loves something more than his truck, but here we have Morgan trading his truck in for a diamond ring. An instant favourite on the album, the best part has to be when he takes a phone call from an interested buyer, and you can hear the pain in his voice that he’s giving it up.


13. Heartless – Wallen Album Mix

Written by: Ernest Keith Smith, Henry Agincourt Allen, Morgan Wallen, Ryan Hurd, Ryan Vojtesak, Thomas Wesley Pentz

“Monday night was definitely not our night, Tuesday night was just another fight, Wednesday, I thought everything would change, Thursday came and it was still the same”

Heatless was originally released by Diplo (feat. Morgan Wallen) as part of his country album in 2019, and since then it has remained a hugely successful song and has been recorded multiple times. The Wallen Album Mix was quietly released last year, and for any country fans that found the original crossover with pop too much, this is perfect for you.

14. Livin’ The Dream

Written by: Ben Burgess, Jacob Durrett, Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen

“I look like a rockstar, in and out of cop cars, livin’ out a suitcase, trashin’ hotel bars, if I see the sunrise, it’s ’cause I stayed up all night, drinkin’ ’cause I need to, damn it, what a good life”

Damn it, what a good song. This one was one of the three released when Morgan made the announcement for his new album, but it was written around the time Morgan was in trouble with the law like the cowboy he is. It discusses his reputation and lifestyle and how people might perceive him. For sure one of the best on the album, but you probably know that by now…

15. Quittin’ Time

Written by: Eric Church, Josh Thompson, Luke Laird

“There’s somethin’ to be said for sayin’ what needs sayin’, a suitcase says it all to me, before the credits roll just know I always lovеd you, so we wrote that famous final scenе, where you turn and walk out on me”

A perfectly fitting title to the closing track of the greatest (double) album of the year. Even the music itself seems to have a melancholy to it – that this is the final track. Just when you thought he might have exhausted his roster of incredibly talented songwriters, he brings out Eric Church?! What a way to round out the most absolutely perfect work of music, and finalise the album.


And there we finally have a round-up of every new Morgan Wallen song on the greatest album of what I’m going to say again – the year. I could play this over and over again and damn I will, for this is the most wonderful music you’ll hear all year. Completely worth the wait, and don’t mind me if it’s all I play all damn day.

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