Tyler Booth Drops DOUBLE HEADER

After having a kick-ass 2020, Tyler Booth, a 2021 artist to watch, is firing off the year STRONG. He has hit us with not one, but TWO unforgettable songs. Tyler has just released “Already Got One” and “Palomino Princess.” These songs are genuine, authentic, feel good jams. Tyler Booth is bringing back the real country and western feel with his silky-smooth baritone vocals. Get ready to turn the volume up to eleven.

If you are looking for a song that you can listen to anywhere at any time, here it is. I can already picture my friends and I at the bar two-stepping the night away to this one. Tyler said in the latest SONY press release, “Letting that special ‘one’ in your life know that ya thinking of them no matter where ya are, who you’re around, or what ya doing.” When it comes to love, it’s something that we all want to say: “I Already Got One.” Now when it comes to beer, I’ll always take another one. You know right at the beginning of the song that it’s a hit, and by the end of it you’re already bobbing your head and singing along. This is a wholesome good ole love song for the wholesome good ole boys.

Are y’all ready for this one? In the press release from SONY Tyler said, “Palomino Princess is very personal to me because it’s my first solo write that has been released with SONY Nashville. Writing that song got my foot in the door as a Nashville songwriter. People have been asking for it for a couple of years and I hope that they fall in love with the studio version as much as I have.” I am one of those people Tyler is talking about. I have personally been waiting on “Palomino Princess” for a while now and could not be any happier with the way it turned out. Don’t get me wrong, though – the live version has my heart with that irreplaceable connection you feel in the room. So now that you have listened to the song, are we really thinking he’s talking about a horse?? For those of you that do not know, a Palomino is a horse that has a gorgeous gold coat and a platinum blonde mane. It seems that Tyler may have found his “Palomino Princess,” and I’m not talking about the horse…

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Heather Shadrick Raised Rowdy Contributor

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