Get to Know Randall Fowler, a Voice You Won’t Soon Forget, and His Song “Coming Home”

Sometimes you hear a song and you get lost in the moment. For me, a Country song has always had the best chance of doing just that – taking me away from my life, the worries, and the madness that is 2020 – and giving me a moment of clarity and freedom that I often used to take for granted. But in 2020 especially, every moment is meaningful. Every song that touches your heart is even more powerful than usual, and the same can be said for the impact of each artist.

One of the artists who’s caught our attention this year is Randall Fowler. With a soulful voice filled with emotion and some deep R&B influences, you might liken his voice to other Country vocalists like Mitchell Tenpenny. That being said, Randall also has a rocking side (with his production credits going to one of our favorite producers in Nashville, Grady Saxman).

We started to take notice with the first two singles Randall released in March (“What She Sipping On”) and July (“Slow Down”) of 2020, but his newest release “Coming Home” is the start of what we think is his true emergence in the Country music world.

Randall told us “This song is about coming home. Whether it be from working on the road, being overseas, finishing rehab, working on the frontline fighting covid-19, or even jail. Everyone has a place they call home, a special someone that they can’t wait to get back to. Whether it be 12 hours or 12 months, this ballad embodies what it feels like to be gone while also being on your way back.”

For Randall, he assuredly draws his heartfelt thoughts of home from the area he calls home (Charleston, South Carolina) and the love of his life who you can see featured prominently in his social media posts.


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It might sound simple, but having a full heart and talent that runs as deep as Randall’s means one thing: clear expression and moving passion.  If you see Randall play live those attributes are easy to see, and Grady Saxman and his team are helping show the world exactly what Randall has to offer – a beautiful, powerful and expressive new voice in Country music. It’s a voice that we are proud to show to a few more folks who could surely use some good songs and positive vibes to finish out 2020. Thank you to Randall and his team for giving us moments and songs like “Coming Home” to remind us that there is still great music around every corner, packaged up in a nice little box that’s filled with all the things that make Country music great.


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