New Music Friday 11/20

Hey there rowdy friends. It’s another early Friday morning here in Sydney, Australia, which means we get to hear the newest tracks just a little bit earlier than the rest of the world. I’m particularly excited about this week as we have some of my favorite artists releasing some highly anticipated music. Let’s turn it up, and jump in to some lyrics, reviews and links of the best new songs of the week.


It’s About Time (feat. Florida Georgia Line) – Russell Dickerson

“We ready like truck stop ice, two hands, bud light, half price, gon’ raise them up high, yeah, we running like Firestone tires, hands up like a Baptist choir, doing this damn good thing all night”

Well it’s about damn time these guys collaborated again! This song is just what the world needs right now because I think it’s safe to say as 2020 is finally nearing it’s, it’s about time all of us had a drink. Not to mention it’s two of the best pop-country artists/duos around right now. I know this one is gon’ be my Summer anthem, but it will also be a good one to party through the holidays with. I think we’re all needing a feel-good song right now.


Somebody Else – Taylor Acorn

“We got New York to L.A., anywhere in the middle you were beside me, I just want you to myself, I cant help, thinking about how good it could be, but you’re with somebody else…”

I’ve been a huge fan of Taylor Acorn since she started, so when she says she’s waited two years to release this song, and has thought about it every day since she wrote it that long ago, you know it’s going to be good. This song dreams of being with someone, and everything you could have had together, but they’re with somebody else. It’s raw and the perfect, aching song to sing along to. Her voice is just perfect and you can hear the pain in it, she must have truly been able to relate to this song, just as much as I think anybody easily could.


He Loved Her – Devin Dawson

“He had a dog, he drank a beer, he drove the same truck fifteen years, he built a house up on some dirt, he wore his first name on his shirt. He said a prayer, got up at dawn, showed up to cheer the home team on, he earned his keep and kept his word, he lived his life and he loved her.”

I’m really loving Devin Dawson’s latest songs as they’ve been slightly more upbeat and lighter than his last album Dark Horse. This song in particular, is a celebration of the simple and good things in life, and being proud of them. The things he lists are the things that matter, and it makes me think of my father. We’d all be lucky to live a life like this. Look out for his new EP, Pink Slip¸to be released January 15th 2021.


Girls Call the Shots – Hannah Dasher

“Some boys think they make the world turn, but them boys have got a lot to learn. Some things stay the same like all she’s gotta do is walk up and ask him, some things never change like a guy on a dance floor that don’t like dancing, will two-step all night, for one kiss goodbye, one more tip so the band won’t stop, guys buy the drinks and girls call the shots.”

I absolutely love the lyrics in Hannah Dasher’s newest song. It’s a nice reminder of the way men will do anything for a woman he wants. “It’s the truth whether you like it or not”. She has a real traditional country sound in her voice and this song is real catchy. I’ll be playing this one right before I leave for my next first date.


Famous Friends – Chris Young, Kane Brown

“My buddy Jason, he’s a sherriff, he’ll flash his lights but let me go. My boy Randy he’s a preacher,  my girl Meghan she’s been teacher of the year I swear for five years in a row. I’ve got some famous friends you probably never heard of…”

This song rejoices in the small-town winnings you can have, that may not be so well known in the city, but make you damn “famous” where you’re from. Another awesome collaboration out this week, it’s cheerful and isn’t what I’d expected coming from these two, but it’ll be on repeat for the foreseeable future. Raise a glass to your famous friends.


Don’t Need No Reason – Lee Brice

“I don’t need no reason to dance you round this floor, no special occasion to tell you I love you more, than a man’s ever loved any woman, girl I feel it 365, if you’re really asking baby you’re the why, I don’t need no reason, to kiss until morning and stay in bed with you…”

It’s finally out – Lee Brice’s new album Hey World is released today. With fifteen songs to love, I know this is what I’ll be playing for a while. This song in particular is very romantic and sweet, and almost sounds Christmassy (though it’s not, perhaps the holidays are just on my mind). I can’t wait to properly play every song back-to-back.


So countdown ‘til midnight tonight, then go and slam these songs – there are plenty to love. And if you need some more, turn up our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist. Until next week!

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