New Music Friday 11/13

Good morning y’all. As usual things got a little too rowdy last night, so I’m very hungover and trashy today – but you know the best cure to a bad hangover, or anything really, is new music. This week has heaps of EPs/albums, some great collaborations, and the country Christmas songs are really starting to roll in, along with some music from artists I’ve only just been lucky enough to discover. Let’s take a look at lyrics, links, and reviews of the newest music of the week, and see if we can cure my hangover along the way.


Born To Ride – Manny Blu

“I’m that guy, the one your mama warned you about baby, way too wild, too far gone now to save me, you should have been long gone, but you just keep hanging on”

Manny Blu’s new EP New Ink is released today. With some incredible major Music Row songwriters on it such as Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman and Rhett Akins (just to name a few), it’s impossible not to love. Manny Blu is new to me, but damn does he have a good voice. His sound has been described as a “gritty country/rock sound with pop likeability” making it captivating for any country music fan.


Redneck Girl – Tim McGraw, Midland

“She’s got a kiss on her lips for a man… First comes love and then comes marriage, and I pray that some day I’ll find me a redneck girl, yeah give me give  me give me a redneck girl”

This is one of the awesome collaborations I was referring to – hell yes to a combo of Tim McGraw and Midland. These guys must be friends, as I know they’ve toured together, and I even saw a concert where they both performed down here in Sydney. This song has an almost electronic sound to it, but what’s even better is the way their voices sound together. Looking at the album artwork, it’s easy to predict that Tim McGraw will be releasing an album soon of some of his greatest hits, titled McGraw Machine, on December 18. I’m looking forward to finding out if he’s got any other collaborations on it.


Your Broken Heart – Clay Barker

“I’m meant to be your giving it up, learning to love, trying to impress your dad, and make him laugh, get down on one knee give you a diamond ring, I’m meant to be your every single wish upon a shooting star, but I never meant to be your broken heart”

This is exactly the kind of country music that I like. I’m in love with his accent and the lyrics of this song. He clearly loves this girl, and wishes things worked out differently, but sometimes things you think would never end do. As romantic as the song is, it makes me wonder what he could have done to break her heart.


Giving You Up – Kameron Marlowe

“Don’t you dare try and reappear, after you already got me standing here. I can’t believe you’d come at me looking for a little bit of sympathy, like I wasn’t the one you left all alone crying, looking like a hot mess, don’t show your face around here anymore honey, this is something you better get through your head”

While this song was released last year (and has been smashed ever since), today marks the release of Kameron Marlowe’s self-titled EP. With six songs to love, I can finally get my Kameron Marlowe fix. This has been one of those songs I just can’t stop playing, and by the sound of it, the rest of the EP is going to be the same.


Old Lovers Don’t Make Good Friends – Easton Corbin

“I know we said that it was over, made a promise we’d still be friends, I know you wanted us to call each other, checking now and then, but you keep calling about your mama, and every time you’ve had a bad way…”

Another fantastic EP released today is Easton Corbin’s Didn’t Miss A Beat. While he’s released a couple songs, he hasn’t released an EP/album for about 5 years, so it’s exciting to hear some new music from Easton Corbin.


You Should Probably Leave – Chris Stapleton

“I know you and you know me, we both know where this is gonna lead, you want me to say that I want you to stay, you should probably leave”

Finally, Chris Stapleton has released the rest of his new album Starting Over. It has a sexy, traditional country sound and honestly there’s not a song on it that I don’t like. The album sings of all things from heartbreak, to friendship to drinking too much, and there’s a particularly beautiful song about Nashville, TN.


Gold – Corey Kent

“Heart racing like a rocket, I’m just waiting on the right time, to make her mine for a life time, once you do you do, when you know you know, feels like forever just trying to hold my breath ‘til the day goes on, and slip it on the hand of a girl with the heart of gold”

If you’re a fan of Ryan Hurd, you’re going to love this song, as he was one of the writers on it. What I like about this song is how romantic it is, while not having a sappy sound. It speaks of getting up the nerve to ask that girl to marry you, and any sweet story like that is my favorite. Corey Kent also does a damn fine job of singing, with his twang and true country sound.


There is so much new music out this week to satisfy your country cravings. We are very lucky to have four new EPs/albums out, and I can’t wait to memorize every song. I also might mention there are two more country Christmas songs released this week, by two very loved artists of mine – Brandon Lay’s ‘Tennessee Christmas’, and our very own Aussie Morgan Evans’ “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, to get your in the mood for the holidays. Until then, follow our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist and you’ll be sure to discover your new favorite artist.

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