Get to Know Mason Horne (Interview) and Hear His New Single “Jager and Luck”

It often takes more than “A little bit of Jager and a little bit of luck” for an artist to catch our attention in the crowded Country music world. Luckily for 18 year old Country music singer Mason Horne, he already has a host of tools in his toolbelt to help him succeed there. Mason’s voice is believable and unique, he has assembled a team of talented industry folks that see big things in his future, and if he keeps working like he has been, it is just a matter of time before Mason’s voice is one you will hear frequently. We got a chance to ask Mason a few questions about some of the things that led him to this point in his life, so check out our quick interview and then give his single “Jager and Luck” a listen or 100.


Raised Rowdy: Tell us the story about Jager and Luck? How did the song come to be?

Mason: This is one of the first songs I have ever written by myself. I wrote this about working hard all week long and looking forward to that time you get with the person you love at the end of the week. The inspiration behind this song is my mom, stepdad and their relationship.

RR: For folks that do not know your music yet, how would you describe your sound and what artists and genres influenced you up until this point?

Mason: My sound pulls from my Carolina roots and my love of traditional country music. I’m a storyteller with my sound leaning towards classic and traditional country music, along with putting my own spin on my original sound. My musical influences range from Tom Petty, Eminem and Keith Whitley.

RR: How have you been dealing with 2020?  What things has it shown you and what are some challenges that you have faced this year?

Mason: During this time, I have been writing as much as I can and I have been in the studio working hard to get my 4 song EP finished. This year has brought many challenges and has taught me to cherish the people closest in life and enjoy the little things in life.

RR: How did you meet your management team and what makes them the right fit for you as an artist?

Mason: I met my Manager, Trippy Phillips with Hollow Point Music, while playing a show at his restaurant and bar, McNulty’s Taproom in Blythewood, SC. He then introduced me to Lex Lipsitz with LEX Music Group in Nashville. With Lex being in Nashville and Trippy and I still in SC, Lex and his team have been able to make connections for me, guide us and assist with the release of my debut single, “Jager and Luck”. Lex has also secured me writing sessions via Zoom or whenever I come to Nashville. This has allowed me to grow as a writer and learn from some of the best writers in town. I’m very thankful for my team and for supporting me on this ride.

RR: Being still pretty young at 18 years old, what goals do you have short term and what are some things that you have been working on to become a more well rounded artist?

Mason: I’ve been focusing on my songwriting for the most part, but I look forward to continuing to work on new music and eventually put out an EP and tour next year.

RR: Have you had any pinch me moments so far or anything coming up?

Mason: Yes. Meeting Rhett Atkins by accident on my first trip to Nashville and him getting me back in touch with Thomas Rhett. I was so excited to meet him that I forgot to get his contact info. We had previously been in contact on Instagram. Also, writing with writers that also have Thomas Rhett cuts is still a “pinch me moment” to be in the room with them.

With so much talent and a passion for his music, the future is bright for this young crooner.  With a distinct voice and some serious writing chops for an 18 year old, we think there are big things to come from Mason. Follow along with his musical journey on social media at the following places:

And check out his debut single “Jager and Luck”

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