New Music Friday 10/30

Damn there are so many great artists releasing great music this week. I’ve stayed up all night waiting for the Thursday night at midnight new music Friday (best time of the week). For me, down here in Sydney, Australia, it hits sixteen hours earlier than all y’all in the magical USA. So I am lucky enough to get to hear all the new music a little earlier than the rest of the world, and even luckier to be able to write about the newest lyrics, links and reviews of the newest songs this week. Let’s take a sip and jump into the best ones I’ve heard tonight.


Through My Ray-Bans – Eric Church

“Everybody’s got their arms around everybody else’s shoulders, gone against the world outside, like an army of Friday night soldiers, the battle wages tomorrow, but tonight you don’t give a damn, wish you could stay the way I see you through my ray bans”

Well this one made me think of ‘Springsteen’ already, a hell of a good Eric Church song. His voice, the speed of the song, the story, it’s all so Eric Church. This is an incredible song, even on very first listen, and the next five listens, you can feel it. It’s one of the ones that remind you of why you love Eric Church’s voice so much. Perfect to start your week off with.


Happy Ever After – Jon Langston

“All she wanted was a good old boy with a dog and a gun and a truck, she got it when she got me, and then she up and dropped me, for a dude with a daddy trust fund ,I was trying not to miss her trying to forget her, hanging around the house heart broke, ‘til I walked in here, got a bucket of beer, next thing I know…”

Jon Langston never fails to put the “country” in well… “country music”. This is a real good breakup song I’m definitely adding to my list. Perfect when you just broke up and you’re good and well ready to go out again. Sometimes a breakup turns out to be a good thing after all.


Bar Last Night – Sam Grow

“I used to get the “you awake?” texts at two on my phone, now them two AM calls don’t call no more, are your feelings gone, yeah, are you alone? Ain’t my business but I had to know, ‘cause we been broken up for quite some time…”

And we finally have Sam Grow’s latest EP Me and Mine, out today, with five songs to fall in love with, you’ll quickly be convinced of Sam Grow’s talent. This is my favourite song from the EP and another damn good breakup song, I think? Either way this whole album is what I’ll be playing all week.


Secret – Tyler Braden

“It’s a small town and you know how it goes, it’s just another secret, that everybody knows, well that simple life ain’t as easy as it sounds, ‘cause we’ve all got things that we don’t talk about”

Immediately, listening to this song, I thought it might be a little more sombre than your usual feel good country song. What’s interesting though, is it’s also kind of romantic, the way it talks of the hard parts of a small town, but in an affectionate way many could connect to.


Jager and Luck – Mason Horne

“Making every little thing you do seem just right, baby, I ain’t got a clue but I cant take my eyes off you, you make the glass look better when it hits your lip,s pouring gas on a fire when I taste your kiss”

Oh you may have never heard of Mason Horne before, and neither had I, but I am converted! This song is catchy as hell and describes a philosophy I could subscribe to – living life with just a “little bit of Jager” and a “little bit of luck.” In this case, it might be being lucky enough to end up with that girl.


I Got It All – Ray Fulcher

“I got a high life neon, buzzin’ on the wall, a little kicked up in my boots, a little let in my loose, a little hell yeah in my y’all, and I cant help but win, from the outside lookin’ in”

Ray Fulcher has this incredible talent of being true country, while also being just relatable enough for mainstream lovers to enjoy too. It seems we’ve been hearing his name everywhere, every week, writing, and releasing songs everywhere. This song in particular is real feel good, and just makes me feel lucky to be around. But mostly it reminds me of Luke Combs’ “Be Careful What You Wish For” as it talks about chasing your dream, only to realize all you wanted all along was her.


Tough – Tom O’Connor

Everybody’s scared to say what they think might offend you if they do everybody’s got a problem blame everybody but themselves what ever happened to getting bucked off then getting back on that horse what ever happened to standing your ground

Well who doesn’t love a real good song that really has something to say? This one challenges a couple things about society, but mostly questions what happened to the true country values you’re meant to hold? Tough would go well played real loud, with a real cold beer.


Lonely Heart – Jacob Lutz

“Girl since you sat down, I been thinkin’ about that last call round, wondering if you’ll be still sitting right here, talking to me over cold beer, dragging it out, now here we are at the end of the night, saying goodbye, knowing that be both don’t want to, if you ain’t got no one to go home to then baby won’t you, lay your loving on this lonely heart”

Well this one just tops the week off. A song I instantly love, with a beautiful voice and a catchy tune. A real sexy song, that could get even the loneliest hearts in the mood. This is my next date song and hopefully they’ll feel it too, either way I’ll be having a good time.


Another week we are blessed with the talents of the many wonderful artists of country music. I’m going to smash these songs on repeat until next week, but if that’s not enough to satisfy your country cravings (or even if it is), check out our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist. Now its 2 AM and my McDonalds delivery just arrived, so I’m going to eat and sleep and dream of these songs.

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