Exclusive Premiere: Jeb Gipson’s Acoustic Video for ‘If It Ain’t With You’

Nick Tressler- Raised Rowdy Founder

Just a man with his guitar and his thoughts. For a musician and songwriter like Jeb Gipson, those times are often the ones that lend themselves to the greatest insight into who you are and where you want to be. That is the tale that we get from Jeb and his co-writer Smith Ahnquist on his newest single “If It Ain’t With You.” We will get to telling you what we think about the track, but we know you like to hear it from the artist themselves, so we got some insight from Jeb: “I wrote ‘if it ain’t with you’ with Smith, one of my closest friends. It was one of those songs that just kinda fell out in a couple hours. Smith and I both at the time were really into this pop band called ‘Joan’ and ‘if it ain’t with you’ was honestly our attempt of writing something that was in the same vein as their music but held a country lyric. After it was all said and done we threw a live band on it and it really came out cool.”

Jeb’s voice stands out on every track that he has released to date, but when singing about a topic like a woman he loves it seems even more striking and powerful. That country lyric you hear Jeb speak of with his signature soulful vocals make this song seem so personal and really draws us in while listening. With a writer like Jeb who pens a lot of tracks that we think are pretty special (check him out at a writers’ round if you can) there has to be some sort of sound or detail that really connects him to the song and makes him want to release it. He told us that “There’s a line in the song over there in Dublin where they brew my favorite beer ( AKA Guinness) and true story it’s my favorite. I knew when we put that line in there and got it to sound cool, I was gonna cut it.”

Sometimes it is those types of small personal details that really let a listener relate to a track just as the artist does, and Country music does that level of detail work better than most.

Overall this track’s acoustic breakdown makes you feel the feelings even deeper in your heart, and lets Jeb’s vocals do the heavy lifting.

So give this video a look and listen and make sure to keep up with Jeb on socials. He has even more great new tracks coming down the line and we can’t wait to hear them with all of you guys.


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