New Music Friday 10/23

Good morning Rowdy family. It’s another killer spring Friday down here in Sydney, but what’s even better than this beautiful weather is that are all the awesome new songs out this week. A couple were released over the last few days, but we all know once it hits midnight on a Thursday night, that’s when most of the music for the week all comes out. Let’s jump into some of my favorite mainstream releases.


Forever After All – Luke Combs

“Sooner or later time’s gonna take its toll… They say nothing lasts forever, but they ain’t seen us together or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes. Just a tshirt in the kitchen with no makeup and a million other things that I could look at my whole life. A love like that makes a man have second thoughts, maybe some things last forever after all?”

Personally, this has been the most anticipated song of Luke Combs’ new deluxe album What You See Ain’t Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) – another love song for his wonderful wife, Nicole. He posted that this is the third of many songs about her: first “Beautiful Crazy,” then “Better Together,” and now “Forever After All.” There are five new songs added to this album released today for you to get your Luke Combs fix from. Aren’t we all suckers for a little romance and a lot of Luke Combs’ voice?


Cabin In The Woods – Canaan Smith

“She was back home on another summer break, the break we were on was gone in a day, we loaded up the Chevrolet, and we made a little getaway, for that old cabin in the woods”

This is one of those country songs you love right away. I think we all have a special place that, when we think of it, it brings back some wonderful memories you could never forget. Underage drinking, Summer love, rain on a tin roof, crazy nights and cold beer is what makes this cabin in the woods special. No wonder it’s such a great song, as it’s produced by Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley.


Arkansas – Chris Stapleton

“What I found in those mountains I ain’t ever seen, sure does feel like they’re sitting on top of the world to me. Gotta get down, gotta get down to Arkansas, have me so much fun that it’s probably a little bit against the law, all the boys and the girls down there sure know how to have a ball, if you wanna get down, gotta get down to Arkansas.”

Chris Stapleton has slowly been releasing new songs from his upcoming album, Starting Over, to be released November 13th. If there’s one thing that can make 2020 just a little better, it’s new Chris Stapleton music in the world. This song is real damn country, and I love how Stapleton performed and also helped to write and produce this song. Imagine seeing this at a live show in Arkansas! I guess for now we can only dream…


Solid Gold – Chuck Wicks

“Texas raised and blue eyes, staring back at me, in the sun your hand locked deep in mine, I wouldn’t trade for anyone’s. ‘Cause we fell young and we fell right, ‘cause I knew I was your man, and you knew you were my wife.”

Hell yeah, Chuck Wicks is back with some new music. I haven’t heard new music from him for a couple years, but I have really enjoyed watching his beautiful wife, Kasi, and their pregnancy on Instagram. This song is slow, beautiful and reminds me of traditional country music (with plenty of references to it). With a son and new music on the way, it seems like we haven’t seen the last of Chuck Wicks yet. I can’t wait to hear what else he’s got coming.


Tabasco & Sweet Tea – The Cadillac Three

“She’s hotter than that tabasco, I’m talking barefoot black top down in Daytona, Southern little sizzle you could fry an egg on it. She’s sweeter than the sweet tea, that mamaw makes straight, sugar water, makes me wanna lay her down put some sugar on her. When god made my baby well he must have been rocking that bartender upstairs, made one hell of a concoction for me”

What a damn good description of what sounds like a sexy as hell woman. A girl can only dream to be described like that. The Cadillac Three are back again for what is their second album this year, Tabasco and Sweet Tea. How lucky we are to be blessed with their music, and a whole another eleven songs to jam out to.


She’s That Kind of Beautiful – Styles Haury

“You ever had a whippoorwill sing you to sleep? You ever saw a Tennessee farm from thirty thousand feet? Ever wonder what it’s like to walk down streets of gold, or look an angel in the eye? Now you’re getting close.”

Well this week’s theme sure is love. Styles and his incredible voice sing of a stunning woman, who doesn’t even know it, and compares her to every beautiful country scene you could imagine. This song reminds me of Tim McGraw’s “She’s My Kind of Rain” in its romance and I’m sure we’re all well aware of what a compliment that might be.


Tailgate Down Town – Ryan Robinette

“Buzzin’ off something in the high beams, cold cans going down easy, home town girls in those ripped jeans with the tan legs driving us crazy”

A real good song about a real good feeling – how fine it is to be back in a town that feels like home. In this case, it’s an old dirt, two-lane kinda town. A city girl like myself could only dream of living in a night described in this song.


Mustang – Abby Christo

“There’s a hole in my world without you baby, doesn’t feel like home without you lately, his eyes are green and he doesn’t drink red wine. When he holds my hand and calls me love, I can hear your voice and feel your touch, his friends are mean and he’s never home on time.”

Maybe you haven’t heard of Abby Christo yet, but you sure will. This artist is from New Zealand, and now living in my hometown of Sydney. I fell in love with her music when I heard the song “Kiss Me into Monday” and with only four songs on Spotify now, I was dying to hear more. This song absolutely does not disappoint. I couldn’t even pick that she wasn’t from Nashville at first, so if you’re feeling like something new you should definitely check her out. I’ll be playing this song all week.


Hell Yeah Say When I’m In – Drew Parker

“That’d be like asking if I wanna go fishing, wanna meet Keith Whitley if he was still living, I want a little more of what I felt on your lips, I’d say hell yeah, say when, I’m in”

This song title is exactly what I would say if someone asked if I want to listen to Drew Parker’s new EP While You’re Gone. While this track has been out for a while Drew released the entire EP with some new tracks as well just a few days ago, it seems every name in country is loving this EP, and not for nothing. It’s eight tracks long (if you count his “Studio Chat”) and every one is a jam. It has a great range of songs, one for every mood you might be in, and his voice sounds like magic. He sure wants to see this girl again. Drew Parker’s is another EP I’ll be playing to death.


Gone – Dierks Bentley

“I’ve been a million places but they’re all up in my head, over drinking, over thinking every since you left, I’ve been gone.”

Ah how some of us deal with breakups – disappearing to the world and drinking it away. It has to be done sometimes, and Dierks sure knows how to sing about it. This song came out yesterday but it’s worth a mention because of how damn good it sounds. It will definitely be how I’m dealing with my next break up. Oh, and it’s as catchy as it is relatable.


Until next week y’all. Give these songs a listen, and turn up our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist to get your country fix.

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