Styles Haury Releases Luke Combs Co-written “Airplane Mode”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder

Styles Haury just released a brand new single that we have been impatiently waiting for. From the first time you hear “Airplane Mode” you feel something special – it’s got that beachy vibe that a lot of Styles’ songs have. For an Ohio boy, Styles sure has some beach in his Country due to the extensive time he’s spent down in Florida enjoying nature and the sun.

The wild thing about this track, though, is that Styles didn’t actually write it. A few fellows you might know did: Luke Combs, Big Rob Snyder, and Brian Carper.

Styles told us he felt a connection to this track the first time he heard it and explained what drew him to it: “I love the song because everyone has those days where it just keeps stackin. Too much on your plate and you just want a switch to turn it off. This song does that for me, helps me tune it out. Let my worries down for a little while and I hope you can do the same too. Sometimes it’s ok to just slow it down turn it off and go Airplane Mode.”

Beach vibes, distinct vocals, great production, and the energy Styles brings to every show are sure to make this one a HIT with old and new fans alike – so take a little time and turn this track on and let the worries melt away.

Check out the track on our New Country 2020 Playlist and add it to your favorite playlist! 

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