New Music Friday 9/25

Good morning y’all. As per usual I got far too rowdy last night, but it’s new music Friday so this hangover is going to be made a little less painful. This week there are some particularly great new songs out, and actually quite a few from your very favorite artists.


Talk About – Seaforth

“We got a lot to talk about, like how your eyes look lonely, and how I could stare forever, I kinda want your hands up on me, we got a lot to talk about”

Let’s kick off the week with my favorite Aussie boys who grew up in my hometown on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I saw Seaforth supporting Keith Urban last December as the last pre-COVID concert in Sydney. I can safely say I went insane for these guys, and they put on an incredible show. At that concert was the first and only time I’ve heard them play this (at the time) unreleased song, and damn is it good. Finally it’s out! This song is catchy as hell in true Seaforth fashion, and their perfect voices are impressive as always. It’s already impossible to get this one out of my head.


Drinkin’ Songs – Mackenzie Porter

“And it’s like your calling, into every station, cause it follows me everywhere, gets me reaching for a bourbon cause I wonder if you’re hurtin’, the way I am right now, it was the soundtrack to every kiss, wish we could go back before all this”

We all know what it’s like to have a soundtrack to a love, and when it doesn’t work it, that song somehow still follows you everywhere you go. If you haven’t heard of Mackenzie Porter, she is absolutely killing it in the Canadian country charts, with three consecutive number 1s. I can also attest to the fact that she puts on a damn good show, as I was lucky enough to see her play one night in Houston. She’s one of those rare artists who is truly personable and can connect with her fans in such a genuine way. I have no doubt that her latest song will be another huge hit. No wonder she released a playlist called “Mack’s Drinkin’ Songs’ last week. Stream it here.


Better Than That – Matt Stell

“You ain’t a shot of jager from a stranger at a dive bar, his hands all on your body on the dancefloor, trying to first kiss you up against the wall, I know you better than that”

It’s always hard seeing someone you know so damn well be hit on by a stranger in all the wrong ways. Matt Stell’s music always makes me feel like I’m in a good dive bar and this song particularly puts you in that place. Count down the days ‘til his next EP, to be released October 16th.


Another – Adam Doleac

“I’ll always want another dance, another chance to hold your hand yeah from the second that we fell into each other, knew I was never gonna ever wanna never ever gonna want another”

Have you ever fell in love so hard you can’t imagine being with anyone else ever again? Here’s a beautiful love song from Adam Doleac out today. Not only is it sweet and dreamy, but his voice is what gets me every single time. It’s the perfect song to play to your forever lover.


Whiskey and Rain – Michael Ray

“Its been nothing but hangover, trying to get over you, but lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m going to wake up in the morning feeling brand new without a single cloud in the sky”

This song speaks to me in the sense that it’s exactly how I like to try to get over someone too. I was actually thinking the music was perfect for a rainy day, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s raining right now, or it’s in the song title, but the traditional country in this song is a real mood. “I hope you hear the influences I grew up on when you listen to this song” says Michael Ray on his Instagram, and he has truly accomplished this with its old country sound. It’s making me crave some bourbon right now.


Nothing’s Better – Filmore

“You thought you took all the good out of that goodbye I thought I’d bring you your things but I just left them outside, you thought I’d see you looking Friday night fine and want one more try, naw, oh I’m done being that guy, ‘cause the feelin’ of freedom was watching you leaving, and it feels so good”

One of the things country music is best at is breakup songs – usually it’s relatable heart ache and pain but Filmore switches this up on us. Instead of hurting, he feels free, he’s himself again and he’s feeling damn good about it. I can imagine there’s no more crazy controlling partner, and life feels good again.  The music itself is upbeat and will make you feel happy about a breakup – an unusual feat. Check out the rest of his album State I’m In, out today.


Airplane Mode – Styles Haury

“I think today I’m gonna say to hell with it, fly away for the day try to forget, let nobody but me, get a hold of me for a while”

We all need a little break from time to time, and this is the perfect song to kick your feet up in the sun to with a cocktail in hand. It’s nice to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself, and that’s what this song makes me want to do. Not to mention Styles’ great voice and the music in this song, it is definitely what I’ll be playing next time I am sitting poolside.


You Time – Scotty McCreery

The road’s got me rollin’ six days a week but I love what I do, yeah I know it’s what I signed up for, chasing dreams from shore to shore, and even seeing some come true, but now and then I need to stop the spinning of the world”

Ooh I have been missing Scotty McCreery and his deep country twang. This one’s also about reconnecting with what really matters – slowing down and spending time with the one you love. Resetting and taking a break from the dreams you’re chasing to appreciate the simpler things you’ve already got.


Silverado Saturday Night – Aaron Watson

“It’s just you and me underneath he moon, we’ll be dancing with the stars, yeah I’ll show you what they mean when they sing about fishing in the dark”

Some real country sounding, upbeat, Saturday night party music to get you going. Forget your responsibilities, appreciate your freedom and turn this one up.


Girls In My Hometown – Danielle Bradbery

“I can’t not think about the girls in my hometown, are they getting married? Are they getting jaded? When they think seventeen do they think of me and wonder if I made it? Are they really happy? Are they making daddy proud? What makes them cry, what gets them high? I think about the girls in my hometown”

You can’t not love this song. Danielle Bradbery has such a beautiful voice. I guess it’s normal to think about how the people who you left behind are doing. Just because you are chasing your dreams and you’ve left doesn’t mean you stop caring about where you came from. You can be sure that she really has made it.


Here Goes Nothing – Muscadine Bloodline, Jordan Fletcher

“I can feel it right there it’s on the tip of my tongue, been hanging right where it’s been for the last couple months, I’ve been trying to find the time that’s right, but it turns out there ain’t no better time than right now, so here goes nothing”

This has to be one of my favorite recent Muscadine songs. I adore how much new music they have been committed to putting out, and that’s one good thing we can be grateful for in the wild ride that has been 2020. If you’re waiting to tell that special someone how much you care about them, or that you love them, don’t wait. You will find the courage in this song. As a side note, how great is this combo of such talented artists teaming up to bring us this wonderful song?


Country & Ya Know It (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) – Granger Smith

“If work boots walk to a John Deere office it’s safe to say you’re in the right crowd”

Hell yeah, Country Things, Vol. 1 is finally out. With some huge songwriter names on this album, I just know I’m going to be smashing it ‘til I know every word.


With some fantastic albums finally out today, and so many other singles, it’s another great week for country music. Pump them, play them, memorize them and sing along to every word. And if that’s not enough, check out our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist for more new songs by your very favorite artists (and some you need to know).

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