Exclusive Premiere: Carly Rogers Drops Hometown Music Video For “These Walls”

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Photo: 3rd Lion Collective

Everyone has thought at some point “If only these walls could talk”. It’s a theme that could go many different ways depending on what type of place you are in, but for “These Walls” Carly Rogers and her co-writers (Hayden Coffman, Clayton Shay and Ethan Willis) decided to explore the house that you grew up in that taught you who you are. For Carly, it took her back to her Bennington, VT home, filled with memories of her youth and the folks that helped make her who she is today.

Taking us behind the scenes on the day single came to life, Carly said: “The cool thing about this song is that we weren’t going to write it. We tried writing 2 or 3 other songs before this one. Clayton just happened to mention ‘if these walls could talk,’ & all of us bit on it. I think we all have a personal connection with this song but for me, it (literally) hit home. So we took it back there. This entire video was shot at my parents house, the only ‘home’ I’ve ever known. I was lucky I didn’t move around at all as a child. My Mom grew up right next door & my Dad grew up just a half-mile away. My brother & I are fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful place that holds so dearly to our hearts.”

Such a heartfelt song deserved the full treatment of expression, so she teamed with Alejandro Medina and company from 3rd Lion Collective to not only get the song cut, but also to bring Carly’s hometown story to life in video form.

We are proud to premiere this music video that means so much to Carly.

If “These Walls” could talk they would surely tell you the future is bright for Carly, and we can’t wait to see where her drive, passion, and music take her. The team of Carly and 3rd Lion are producing our favorite tunes of hers to date, and we’re excited to see even more from them.

If you know Carly, you know she’s at her best when she’s interacting with people, so make sure you get out to one of her shows (she’s still got a few on the books in 2020). Don’t forget to keep up with Carly and 3rd Lion Collective to see when even more songs are coming our way!

Check out more of Carly’s tunes on Spotify or whenever you stream your favorite Country and Western songs.


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