New Music Friday 9/18

Here we go y’all, it’s another Friday and another week of new music. Another day of me drinking far past my bedtime and getting a little rowdier than expected – even all the way over in Australia. Let’s get into a few lyrics and reviews of the newest in country music, a couple hours before they’re released in the States.


Without You – Luke Combs

“You make sacrifices every night and day, never hear the crowd scream your name, but there’s a smile and a hand to hold when the show is through, and I’d give it all up just to keep your love, but you wouldn’t let me cos you care too much ‘bout watching me watch my dreams all come true.”

This is another absolutely incredible song from Luke Combs, this time to all the people who support him and especially his fans. On Instagram he previously said “This song is for my parents, my wonderful wife @nicohocking, and the best fans in the world. Without y’all I’d be nothing” and it’s a truly sweet dedication of a song. I love this verse about his wife.


Startin’ Young – Brandon Lay

“Startin’ young, whoa I wish I would have gotten a whiskey bottle and cracked it open the day I met you, ribbon blowing through your hair, if I’d have just run, whoa I probably would have started smoking cigarettes under the bridge after school, like a rebel kid on a double dare, but I didn’t ‘cause I loved you and your ways, the damage was done after that first taste.”

Damn I love Brandon Lay. If you are a fan of his song ‘Wilder Horses’ you will love the “whoa’s” in this song like I do. This is a wistful, all-American tune that all the inner teens within us can relate to.


Meet Me In the City – Adam Doleac

“Say I’ll see you, say It’ll be soon, ‘cause I can’t get you out of my head, out of my head”

This song reminds me of the kind of romance you have when you’re young with no real responsibilities, and you get caught up in a wonderful night with someone falling in love, not thinking about the consequences. Adam Doleac has hit it again with this track.


Me and Mine – Sam Grow

“We’re runnin’ and gunnin’ up past the county line, don’t worry about us we’ll be just fine yeah you keep you and yours, I’ll take me and mine”

Another bad-ass tune by one of our favorite rowdy country artists. “A little bit of whiskey, a little bit of dirt, ain’t afraid to raise hell” are lyrics from this song but damn does it describe Sam Grow. With nearly one million monthly listeners on Spotify, you can be sure Grow is going to kill it.


Tomorrow – Caeland Garner

“I’ll never look the same in her eyes, but there’s good in this goodbye, and all that I can hope for is that someday she’ might see, that she needs something better than the best that I can be”

This one sounds like real country to me, even reminding me of Randy Travis and old school artists alike. For anyone out there hating yourself for having to break up with someone, this is the perfect song for you. Tomorrow” he’s gonna break her heart.


Nothing Much To Do

“County was dry where we grew up, we had a buddy with a beard and a truck and a fake ID, seventeen, Marshall Tucker and Marlborough reds, baseball caps and letterman’s, took state that year, we were kings round here”

This song is one of those melancholy songs that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a real small town, and all the things to do there (when there isn’t much to do). A week ago Muscadine released a statement saying “After Covid-19 set in, we made a goal that we will put out the most music in the country” – now I don’t know if that’s true but damn is there a lot of new Bloodline coming your way. Keep an eye out for their newest (and damn needed) album, out 25 September, of which they will be dropping music videos weekly for all 11 tracks. This is a really cool song.


So that’s it for the week. These songs are real damn good though, and should keep you kicking along. I know I’ll have these songs on repeat for the next seven days.

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