New Music Friday a Few Hours Early.

Izzi Mitchell Raised Rowdy Contributor. 

Howdy y’all. Its been a rowdy night for me, as I’ve been drinking for the last few hours and pumping country in preparation for tonight, As you may have guessed, I have been counting down the last few weeks for HARDY’s new album, and it’s finally out (In Australia)!! So strap yourselves in as I walk you through the best songs released this week, as usual out a little early. You bought a ticket so enjoy the ride.

A Rock – HARDY

“Then your wheels on your bike turn to gasoline, get your first taste of love and nicotine, your heart gets broke, your folks find your lighter, you lose a few fights and learn you ain’t a fighter, you know what’s wrong and you know what’s right but you want to be cool on a Friday night, somebody puts a bottle in front of your face, for first time you’re stuck between a hard place, and a rock”

Hell yeah it’s finally f’ing out. This album absolutely does not disappoint. Artists have been gushing about this track and it does not disappoint. It is all about the journey you go through in life and the wonderful ups and downs we all experience. The more you listen to this song the more in awe you are of incredible HARDY. This album is A+ times one million.

Still Love You – Tyler Rich

“They say love is simple, uncomplicated but they never tell you how it really feels, but it goes and leaves, you broken and jaded turning a bar into a battle field”

I adore following Tyler and his beautiful wife Sabina on Instagram. This song is possibly the deepest song he’s ever written. There’s no right or wrong way in dealing with loss in your emotions, but I love the way he describes the bar as a “battlefield” – you can imagine sitting in a small town across the bar from your ex love, wishing they weren’t there but having nowhere else to go. You can feel the pain in this song.

Sunshine state of mind – Adam Hambrick

“She’s my sunshine state of mind, her favorite blue’s my sky, when the thunder in my soul starts to roll…”

I’ve been waiting for new Adam Hambrick a while. He’s never missed a beat. Today he sings of a girl that brings him back. This is a sweet love song with summer accents. I could listen to his voice all night.

You Are This Town – Josh Kerr

There’s still tire marks in the driveway, a dress you left at my place, I still got that picture of you, I ain’t seen you in years.. for more than just a moment, I swear I heard your voice like you’re still here”

I only just discovered Josh Kerr but damn do I know how well he writes lyrics. This song is a throwback to his youth, and the lyrics, as usual, live up to his hype. He applies the love he has for this girl to his hometown — everything reminds him of her.

Next Girl – Carly Pearce

“Hey next girl you don’t know me im just the one he says went crazy on him that’s just what he does but once upon a time I was the next girl”

Carly Pearce is a bad ass woman. This song just proves it. This song is about a man who suddenly changed his mind, but he led her on in the first place, and tricks her into thinking it was her fault. Here’s a warning to the next girl who dates her man.

More with Less – Frank Vieira

“Ill take my coffee black, and hold my coke in my liquor, I’m paid by the hour, but I get it done quicker”

Ooh this song got me right in the first chords. If you were sick of all the feels this week, this one will get you pumped on a country level, ready to get redneck. It’s catchy as hell and has me damn near banging my head along.

And unfortunately that’s all we got for this week! Be right back, I’ll be smashing HARDY’s latest album and the rest of these songs for the next week. Until then, check out the Raised Rowdy New Country playlist, to find even more incredible songs to jam out to.

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