New Music Friday August 21st

Hell yeah y’all, it’s another week of new music and I am especially excited because HARDY has just surprise dropped a new song. If I have to be honest, ill admit that I have had a particularly rowdy night, so these reviews may be a little impassioned. Let’s get straight in, because I have waited up til midnight to hear these songs and I don’t think I can wait another second. As usual, this review will be brought to you from the land where music is released 16 hours early. Let’s jump in. 

Boyfriend – HARDY 

“I don’t wanna have to wonder what its like, to hear you introduce yourself with my last name, to see you floating down some out of town church all dressed in wife, girl I don’t wanna wonder what it’s like” 

“Yeah I want to get too sunburnt with you, all inclusive and a wife, right after I say my vows and kiss you like noone else is watching, in front of god and everybody, yeah I been thinking a lot about, going all in on all we got, I got my eye on a 20 acre spot w a fence and the dirt youre the first girl…” 

Uh huh I immediately love this song. Never have I ever written two lyrics but it’s just so damn good I couldn’t resist, HARDY is absolutely, 100% hitting it every single time. I can only imagine that this song is about his stunning girlfriend, Caleigh Ryan. I met her once and can confirm she is the sweetest thing, and it’s so clear how a guy like HARDY could fall in love with her. He starts by telling us how he doesn’t wanna be her boyrfriend anymore… but its not because he doesn’t like it, but it’s because he wants to be more. It’s not enough for him.   


Didn’t Miss a Beat – Easton Corbin 

“It was quieter, it was a loud a couple people overcrowd, hell I couldn’t tell we were lost in ourselves, like the music never stopped, it was like the needle dropped, right where we left off” 

Easton has one of those classic country voices, with the husk and the twang. This song perfectly showcases that. I feel like this song is about falling back into habits with a comfortable relationship, but in a feel good way. Let’s hope this is a hint there’ll be a new album on the way. 


Getting Over Him – Lauren Alaina, Jon Pardi 

“You said that you needed someone to that like to have that like to have a little fun w girl, turns out that’s my specialty, cut you up a good recipe” 

How can you not get pumped over a little collab as good as Lauren Alaina and the country boy himself, Jon Pardi? I should have predicted it, these two superstars’ voices go damn good together.  


Get Gone –SixForty1 

“No better place to get than windows down, FM loud, worries off, rolling on, rollin on…  when life’s too short, one week’s too long, no better place to get than gone” 

Well damn, this feels a little more classic country than SixForty1 usually plays. These guys have been on a serious roll lately on the backend of their recent single Forget Those Heels (which I have been setting my alarm to every day this week). This is a good old, feel good song, sure to make you bounce your head along to. 


Forever And Ever. Amen – Josh Turner, Randy Travis 

Lord, I almost forgot how good, deep and slow Josh Turner’s voice is. What a wonderful cover of Randy Travis’ great song. I could play this all day. Check out his new album, dedicated to country legends, Country State Of Mind – released today. 


Talk Country To Me – Craig Campbell 

One last damn good country song. Cold ones, sun through the trees and mama’s sweet tea. This song hits every beat, and satisfies every country craving you might have had. 


And that’s it for the week y’all. There are some damn rowdy country songs this week to get y’all revved up about. Check out our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist and satisfy that craving for the best and newest underground country music. Until next week, BRB, going to play HARDY on repeat ’til I pass out.  

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