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Izzi Mitchell – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Good morning everyone! I am so pumped for this week, because if you’ve been paying attention you might be aware that Morgan Wallen, my absolute favourite artist, is releasing a new track! There’s the best lineup of new songs this week, and I am so excited to get listening. As usual, today’s reviews will be brought to you specially from Australia, the land where music is released a couple hours earlier than America.

7 Summers – Morgan Wallen

“Yeah you used to talk about, getting even further south, somewhere where the summer lasted all year round. Probably got a big old diamond on your hand right now, maybe a baby, or a couple by now”

Well obviously this song is going to be on repeat for the foreseeable future. This song is very reminiscent, and Wallen sings of a lost love from “7 summers” ago. Somehow, even though they’ve both moved on so far, he still thinks of her because there was a time when he thought they’d be forever. Written by Josh Osborne, Morgan Wallen, and Shane McAnally, you just know this song is going to be a hit.


Worship You – Kane Brown

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m a god-fearing Christian man, but if you were a religion then damn, I don’t know what I’d do, yeah I might have to worship you”

What a beautiful and romantic song this is! Kane Brown’s perfect voice goes so well with these lyrics. A girl can only dream of having a song like this written about her.


Who I Was – Kalsey Kulyk

“Like a wildfire that consumed me, ‘til there was nothing left, played house for a while, ‘til you burned this whole house down and I thought it was my fault – it was me who let us down”

Kalsey has a hell of a voice and writes some damn good lyrics. She sings of losing yourself to a toxic relationship while blaming yourself for it not working. I love the relatability of this song, because I think we’ve all been there at some point.


Honky Tonk Man – Jon Pardi

“’Cause I’m a honky tonk man, and I can’t seem to stop, gonna give a girl the world to the music of an old jukebox”

Much like you can tell from the title, this is a honky tonk jam. I can definitely hear this playing on Broadway in Nashville, dancing and drinking at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday. If you love Jon Pardi, you’ll love this song as it’s very on-brand for him.


Anything Outside – Spencer Crandall

“Let me take you back, summer break driving to the lake with my dad, George Strait CD was all we had, we played Amarillo by morning, until it stopped working. Then one Christmas day I got an iPod shuffle, went on iTunes searching with my older brother, That’s when we found Justin Timberlake, knew every word the next day. So when I started making music, it was something in between, people didn’t get what I was doing, saying its too country for pop and too pop for country”

Damn is Spencer Crandall on a serious roll lately. “One of Those Nights” is from his brand new EP, North, just released today. Just as I was thinking that the EP had Justin Timberlake vibes, he sings about him being an influence! “Anything Outside” is my favourite song on the EP because it sings of Spencer not caring about what anyone thinks, he’s going to write music his own way…and look what a hell of a job he did. This EP is awesome.


I Got a Truck – Devin Dawson

“’Cause I got a song, I got a story to tell, I got a reason for living, gonna give them all hell, I got a girl, I got a whole lot of love, I got this go-and-get feeling in my gut, I got a truck.”

I knew I liked this song in the very first chords. It’s very uplifting and makes me feel lucky to be alive. Devin counts his blessings from having a dream, to being in love, all the way down to having a truck – all the things a good country boy should be grateful for.


While You’re Gone – Drew Parker

“I’m sitting on a tailgate by the lake watching the sun go down, and this lucky strike buzz got me bettin’ you’re missing me bad right now. I ain’t heard from you now, or seen you around in two or three weeks, I can’t tell if the joke’s on you girl or the joke’s on me”

What an awesome song. Drew Parker sings of heartbreak and a love that he has not quite given up hope on yet – that in between after a relationship ends when you don’t know if it’s really over. You can hear the ache in his voice and the way he sings, making it extremely easy to relate to this song. This is another damn good song to be added to the list of those I’ll have on repeat.


With so many great country songs out this week, you should be able to find a new favourite, or at least something to be kicking along to for the next week. I know these songs will be played to death by me, because there’s not a single one I don’t love! For all your new country needs, follow our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist.

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