New Music Friday August 7th

Izzi Mitchell – Raised Rowdy Contributor

Morning y’all. I’m up super early and yawning after a late night to bring you some lyrics, links, and track insights just a few hours before new music Friday is released in USA. I have a feeling that with all the new music out today, I won’t be yawning long. There’s some really great few songs out today, so let’s get into them.

Change Your Mind – Keith Urban

“I think of a message to send, my phone is at 7 percent, but when I go to try and reach you, I never can get through”

I’m kicking off the week with the man who introduced me to country music, Keith Urban. Yesterday, he released the track list for his 11th studio album, The Speed of Now – Part 1, which will feature 16 songs. I love how artists tease bits and pieces of their album over months to get you excited for it. That’s what Urban has done with this song, which is simply a pain-filled song about missing someone.


Silverado – Hunter Phelps

“Lets get Colorado’ed up in my Silverado truck, pull these tinted windows up, slow it down now baby”

Oh, now this is a song that speaks to me. I was once lucky enough to have a man set up a bed in his truck bed with a 6 pack under the stars for me, and that’s exactly what this song is about. This song has more-than-perfect lyrics that capture what it is to be young and in love with nowhere to go but the truck, and the music is something that’s got me hooked. I’ll be playing this on repeat all week.


If He Never Broke My Heart – Stripped – Morgan Johnston

“He let me stay up all damn night, and waited for the perfect time to tell me he’s not coming home. He liked to keep me in the dark I tried to reignite that spark, same bed, but I still felt alone. Thank god he left me standing on that porch, watching every tear drop hit the floor”

Damn do I love the way country music tells the whole story – there is often the idea that you wouldn’t be where you are now if it weren’t for all the things, good and bad, that led up to it. Morgan Johnston does an exceptional job of this kind of storytelling, and her beautiful voice complements it to make a great song. What’s even cooler, and very rare in country music, is that the song was written by all females: Morgan Johnston, Brandy Neelly and Kaylin Roberson.


Down To One – Luke Bryan

“I was saying stay with me, I’ll be everything you need, we were way past 1am, listening to one more song, thinking I want more than just one night”

Well I was thinking this would be a slow, chill song but it quickly turned to being upbeat. Of course, this one was co-written by Dallas Davidson – Luke’s good friend, who has written so many of his songs. To me, this song is about holding onto a night you don’t want to end (reminds you of another classic Luke song right?). Check out the rest of his album Born Here Live Here Die Here, out today.


Nice Guy – Eric Paslay

“I’m gonna stop using my manners, gonna start sending mean tweets, gonna start acting as if I’m God’s gift to everybody I meet. I’m gonna, stop kissing on one girl and mess around with a few, put a bumper sticker on my Bentley, says evidentially, Jesus loves me a lot more than you”

Very cool that this song is finally out. I heard Eric Paslay play this one live about a year ago at the Sydney Country 2 Country festival and I was instantly hooked by the lyrics. By the final chorus he had the whole crowd singing along, and that’s what I’m doing right now.


87 Octane – Tyler Booth

“Good old boys chasing down home girls, no money in the bank, not a care in the world, Friday night free, and a getaway truck, all we need is some love, a highway, and Hank and 87 Octane gas in the tank.”

Craving some country? (Duh) This song is where you’ll find it. Written by Jonathon Singleton, Josh Thompson and Ray Fulcher, I was expecting this song to be a good time and it is revving me up on this early winter’s morning.


Just About Over You – Priscilla Block

“The least you coulda done was give me the bar tonight, why’d you have to come back in right then right when I was getting good and gone, guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, you must have heard I was moving on”

I think we can all relate to the lyrics in this song. When you’re almost over someone, but then they come back into your mind after you’ve had a few drinks, and suddenly you’re not so over them anymore. Priscilla Block has an incredible voice that keeps you hanging on to every word, and she’s clearly a talented song writer too, as she was also one of the writers for this song.


Love Is a Dead End Road – Tyler Braden

“Thought I had it all planned out, who she’d be where we’d be now, one right wrong turn, as it turns out, this old boy found, love is a dead end road”

Tyler’s voice just gets me every time and this song is no exception. You can’t plan love and often that’s the best part about it. “You thank god it didn’t turn out how you thought” is my favourite line because it just captures the unpredictability of life, but how it always works out in the end.


A Young Man’s Country – Daniel Donato (Album)

“Just give me one thing that I can hold on to, to believe in this living is jut a hard way to go”

Even just the track list of this album has be captivated. Daniel Donato is new to me but from what I can tell this album has a lot of range, and he has a really unique voice. If I compared this album to a sound it would have to be The Eagles, and damn do we all know that’s a big compliment. What’s even cooler is that Donato wrote or produced every single one of these songs, and often on his own. My favorite track is “Angel from Montgomery”.


And that’s it for the week! Some really awesome songs out today for y’all to get hooked on, I know I am. All these songs and more are added to our Raised Rowdy New Country playlist, so follow along to find your next favorite artist.


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