Exclusive Premiere: Morgan Johnston’s “If He Never Broke My Heart”

Nick Tressler- Raised Rowdy Founder

Country music is known for a few things that, for the most part, haven’t changed since its roots sank in the ground so many years ago.  These things that make Country music relatable to so many start with the words and meaning behind the songs.  Some say that Country music leans too heavily on these thematic archetypes, but to be honest, to talk about heartbreak – to take a step or two back and really talk about what is in your heart – that will never get old.

The music Morgan Johnston has released so far tells some of her story.  While some of her songs provide solace in personal redemption, and some playfully push things away that you can tell are causing more pain than the narrator is willing to reveal, ALL of them speak to that internal struggle that becomes external, embodied in chords and heart-tugging emotion. Each track seems to build a part of the story of love (or the pain that it causes) that is so relatable for so many folks, whether they are from a small town or a big city.

We are debuting her newest track “If He Never Broke My Heart” here for the first time. The single continues to build on that lost love theme that seems to bring out the best in Morgan’s voice and lyrics.

Morgan told us: “I call this my silver lining song. I admit I’ve spent a lot of time thinking that I know what’s best for me. Heartbreak has a way of making you feel like you’ll never love again, but I’ve learned that sometimes there is a reason love, an opportunity, or a plan doesn’t work. Life takes a little time to make sense, but if you wait, you’ll learn. As much as you think that’s what you wanted, life will show you why it didn’t work out. It will show you that what you thought you were so sure was meant for you, actually wasn’t, because there’s something even better around the corner.”
Powerful, poignant, and emotional, the single finds Morgan and her co-writers (Kaylin Roberson and Brandy Neelly) casting the imaginary blanket of internal struggle aside to stop covering their emotions and get to some REAL healing. With help on the production end from Matt Geroux, Morgan’s voice, as it often does, displays the emotion that the lyrics written on the page were meant to convey.  There are not many singers in Nashville that have the sweetness in their voice that Morgan commands, and songs like this truly show the power that she holds by keeping listeners gently protected in the palm of her hand.  Healing is best done through clear expression, and that is exactly what we are getting here.
In a time like we are currently in, a moment of emotional restoration and self-reflection can be very relieving. Not just to help pass the time until we are back to “normal”, but in finding what really helps you create a normal that is positive and gives you the emotional high ground.
This track does just that, and that is why we are so excited to premiere it here on Raised Rowdy. It offers talent and timeliness, strung together with enough emotion to really make you feel something.
So give this track a listen, and see the special encouragement that Morgan provides through her own story.

The future is bright for Morgan, and since each of the tracks that she has released to date have built on each other, we cannot wait for even more of her story to make it into the world.

As long as she keeps speaking from the heart with that powerful yet sweet voice, we will keep paying attention to each song.  The good ones never falter and the best songs become timeless, even if only to a few.  Here’s to hoping “If He Never Broke My Heart” helps heal a wayward soul or two. We sure think it will.

So here’s to moving on, moving up, and moving mountains with words and chords. Country music, and specifically artists like Morgan, have the power to help us all do just that.

And for that we can’t thank her enough.

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